Ofcourse , it takes some more months to get the organic results .

For a business success , have to do both email and ppc marketing .

Based on the site performance alexa ranking will reduce .

You have to updates your blog as quality manner, based on the blog performance google will provides google adsense options for your blog.

Sorry friends , i don't have idea about it .

you have to do 360 degree marketing for your website .

Ofcourse , your website gets good quality of google guidelines, surely it will shows at google search page .

Webmaster tools , google analytics , seo centro , semrush , wordtracker .

Google latest refresh algorithm was panda 4.0 .

Title tags - 60 to 70
Meta tags description - 160 to 180 characters

you have to continue link buildings .

Retargeting is fully used to ecommerce related website at google adwords.

Nice posting, got some idea about google page rank updates .

You can use ppc with seo services to get the traffic .

Making the site links as search engine friendly.

SEO is stands for Search Engine Optimizations to promote our business keywords at organic search results. SMO is stands Social media optimizations to promote the business status updates at social networking sites .

nothing at all new techniques for seo 2014.

Gray hat seo techniques is combations of both block and white seo techniques.

Ofcourse , it will be affected by google . So please change the unique contents all of 3 sites .

In my view of point both are very important to get the traffic.

ofcourse , after google adsense cpa is best getting the money.

If you have any quality websites,please apply to google adsense.

You have to do proper on page as well as off page optimizations.

Ofcourse , we have to do proper on page & off page optimizations for our websites.

Google adwords is one kind of advertising methods .

Try with other search engines.

It is ful natural methods to get the traffic.

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Unique contents is important to social media marketing tatics.

Ofcourse ,through on twitter it's get good traffic's.