You can use your keywords as hashtags.

You can increase your keyword ranking through a process called SEO. You need to research some good low competition or medium competition with high searches according to your niche. Then you need to do social bookmarking, blog commenting, forum posting etc.

You can get backlinks through blogging, forum posting and social bookmarking.

Publishing content just for the heck of traffic is not a good idea. This is the main reason why Google made the update – because a lot of sites take a lot of content just for them to attract more visitors from the search engines to go to their site and give some impressions and clicks to the ads.

Find high PR directories PR should be 5 plus and submit your just one link.

Google keyword planner
Google analytics
Google webmaster tools

You can get good ranking in google by

  1. On-Page and Off-Page Optimization
  2. Keyword Research
  3. Directory Submission for more traffic
  4. Article Submission
  5. Blog Commenting
  6. Forum Posting
  7. Search Engine Submission
  8. Ping test, Indexing & RSS FEED
  9. Press Release Submission
  10. Blog Posting
  11. White paper submission
  12. Local submission
  13. Classified Submission
  14. Search engine Submissions
  15. Effective Social Book Marking for more traffic

I think, most improtant is good quality content. If you will post good quality content on your website then google will rank your website.

If you want to improve your page then do seo in high page rank websites. You have to improve your domain value by posting comments in high page blogs, forums, social bookmarking sites etc.

I am going to do on page SEO for my site and here I'm confused in keyword planning for my main page text.
I want an expert opinion here that adding keyword in the main page text will help me or not. Should I hire on page SEO expert here or do it myself? What is the cost for on page SEO?
Please help me to add these keywords and cities in descriptions. (If You will do it better then I will pay you from my paypal)

If it's not the right place to ask this question then please forgive me and move to right section.

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I was also checking for the same color but is there any one who can tell me the number and its color, or share list of all number and color.
I am using system funtion to use color.

First of all check your compitator then check his site backlinks, from where he is getting all of them?? and do the same

Keyword dinsity is depends on size of post there are some tools available which will tell you exact number.

if you are not cheating any service then all are alternative. but CPA and chitka are much better then other ...

there is no option best then adsense but if you are net getting adsense then you should go with chitka and CPA

It was 2 year old discussion ... Now every thing is changed Born Calicut

there no pink hat seo .. its same like black hat seo...

you can do many thing to promte your page first of all you can use picture and videos specily to promote your page .. use uniques and attractive pictures and videos to attract people to your page.. more share you will get more like you will genrate.. Or you can use any exchange site to get likes.

For me its blog commenting helping me alot..
Plus directory submisson is also the good method.
But i dont think that forum posting will help.

use blog commenting for good backlinks its easy an effected.
any i think every one know quality content are very important in SEO.

Now google alogrith is much advance. If you will use any black hat way then your site will get punishment... I dont think there is any advantage of doin black hat seo.

Its all depend on your experience. If you are the expert then you may get more then 200$ per website for a month. Meanwhile you can get other project with same rate. So in SEO there is no fix minimum or maximum.

you should allow users from fb to join your site. mean create a plugin to use their fb profile or something like this to cfrate new account and you can also use googleplus and twitter for this.......

For me its social bookmarking and unique content both are working good.

Okay let me tell you the simple way.
first of all create quilty content and then create account on social bookmarking sites there are alot of socialbookmarking sites are available.
Create minimum 2-3 posts per day.. Then share them to 10-20 socialbookmarking sites..
from every SB site you will get minimum 10-20 views.
32020=1200 its minimum ratio...

you have to add music or live radio to your site. So many users will stay there for long.

It doesnt mean that number of backlinks are high then you will get high PR.
You also have to create quailty content and quailty backlinks from the relevent sites. Now google changed its algorithm.

Setting a priority level for each page of your sitemap should tell the search engines which pages are more important than others. By default, when you submit a sitemap to the search engines your homepage gets a priority level of 1, and all other pages get a priority level of .5.

Yes obeviously there is future of SEO. Because after every update of google algorithm people again comes to SEo for their websites.

Adding keyword terms over and over again in content, Meta tags, Alt Attributes and comment tags. The intent is to make the search engines believe that the page is relevant for the keyword term and thus inflate its ranking. This can adversely affect pages because, if caught, search engines will penalize a keyword stuffed site or completely remove it from the index. We always recommend having your most targeted keywords appear in the Title tag, Meta Description tag, Meta Keywords tag, Heading tag and of course within the content. As a general rule, we recommend not repeating a keyword more than once in the Title tag, twice in the Description tag and not more than four times in the Meta Keywords tag. Remember, search engines can penalize your site for keyword stuffing. Write for the user not the search engines. The content should read naturally, not feel or sound forced.