Sitemap is list of pages of a website from where user and search engine crawler acess the website.Sitemap helps to crawlers and users to find inner pages of your website.sitemaps are used to inform search engines immediately about any changes in the structure of your site.

Nooo......Organi traffic means the traffic comes through natural result not by using paid ads like pay per click,pay per impression,banners ads etc.

As i know content is king for seo and smo because it play very important role to attract visitors to your website.Don't forget that thousand of peoples provide strong and attractive content on web to gain traffic.Think different from that people and make your content more and more relevent,unique and fresh because content attracts much visitors and traffic if your content is accurate and relevent.

Google adwords is online advertisement platform that allow you to display ads for your bisiness on Google's search engines.Basic principle behind adwords is that you only pay when some one click on your advertisement.It is called pay per click.

Electronic marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email.It is very cheap.With email marketing you can make sure you spread the message and stay in touch with customers.
(Else i agree with taibashah)

Google analytics is a free web servive tool and it gets the best results in your marketing efforts.It gain complete freedom in managing your web content.when you not get satisfied with your websites performanace then you can changes to your content.This also helps to your website to get higher ranking on search engines and also boosts the productivity of your online business.

(1)With the help of this you can determine the quality of your web page content.
(2)It can be helpful in finding out information about various source of incomming traffic to your website to help determine your marketing strategy.
(3)It also use to optimize your website performanace and also attract more number of customers to your website which helps to grow your online business more and more.

Add quality content in Article submission, forum posting, guest posting etc.Keep in mind about Google latest updates and do changes according to that updates.Avoid black hat seo technique,keyword stuffing,duplicate content etc.Follow Google guide lines.

Benefits from seo to tune up your website and make it more visible to search engines.Without optimisation your website performance will never match your expectations.Main benefit of seo is to grow website and online bisiness.

Alexa ranking is traffic ranking of a website as compaired to all other sites on web.It is based on the amount of traffic recorded from users that have Alexa tool bar installed over a period of theree months.This ranking set by
Google page rank describes the importance of page.The basic ingredients includes richness of content,page authority,back links,keyword density,exit links,page demand.Page rank score between 0 to 10.Higher your page rank increase your chances of being found on Google.

The purpose of seo company is to improve the visibility of website in search engines.The main aim of search engine is to get more traffic then other websites to increase ranking.Seo helps to get more traffic if content is regularly updated.Seo really help you if you do regularly changes to your website.

(1)Mention keywords where they matter more.
(2)link to internal pages on your site.
(3)Remove that things from your website which makes your ranking decrease.
(4)link to other websites with relevant content.
(5)Stop changing ypur domain name.
(6)Update your website frequently.

This is because XML sitemap is created for search engine spiders to crawl the pages of website easily and thereby increasing the possibility of higher ranking.

(1)Article submission.
(2)Social bookmarking.
(3)Directory submisson.
(4)Social networking sites.

Organic seo is a natural and unpaid way to get traffic to your website.It is time consuming and long term process.Organic seo can't give us quick result.But inorganic is a paid way to get traffic to your website using ppc,smo gives us result in short time and quickly.

Create things that are sad,intresting,beautiful,informative,latest and simply awsome.If anybody saw of these things on the intrnet he/she definitely click like button.

Two or more words that are used by the visitors on the search engine to find information based on that partucular phrase is called keyword phrase.

When web server unable to find the page you have requested it is called 404 error.

Share attractive pics,useful content,links,valuable informations,update your page regularly which attract people for like.

Publish articles,comment on other blogs and post in public forums,share link on social media plat forms,create valuable content regurlarly.

Try from here:-
Its very easy and simple.

Add quality on your work.focus on quality of content,make it fresh and unique.Do both on page and off page optimization attractive and carefully.

On page work:You can change within your website to make it more attractive.Changes includes:
(1)H1 tags.
(2)Title tags.
(3)Keyword density.
(4)Meta keyword tag.
(5)Meta description tag.
(6)Image alt tags.

It is used to define the content of the page and for proper document layput.Google easily fetch the websites having heading tags.

(1)Include relevant keywords and avoid keyword stuffing.
(2)Do not forget optimization of your blog.
(3)Submit your blog to top search engines.
(4)Use unique and fresh content.
(5)Add images to make blog attractive.
(6)Add links from high page rank sites.
(7)Submit your post to social bookmarking sites.

Remove bad links,choose unique keyword for your website,create your content fresh and relevant,build links from high pagerank sites,apply white hat seo technique.

White hat seo means optimizing of your website according to Google guidelines.

Search engine may take up a week to list you so be patient and make sure you have done well or not to get listed in in search engine.Content is most important to get listed in search engines.Do your work step by step on website.First of all concentrate in onpage technique after this do offpage technique.

Seo client wants developement of their business day by day,high page ranking,more traffic,leads from others.

Try the following steps to promote the new website:
(1)Submit an article.
(2)Social networking.
(3)Create quality content.
(4)Reciprocal links.
(5)Social media optimization.

Placement and location of keyword in HTML source code on webpage is called keyword prominence.