Thank you ddanbe. If you dont mind can you give me tips on how to code the combo box? I have listed the items(Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse,etc.) that I will use in it and the thing that I want to happen is whatever item I choose in the combo box, that is what will appear in the database. Thanks again :)

Good day guys! Right now I am creating an Simple/Basic Inventory System that just needs to record the Computer in an office and its peripherals. I just started studying C# here in my work and also I have a basic/entry level knowledge in VB6. I just wanna know if you could give me tips on how to create my system and right now I only have one table on my database. It is named PCComp for PC Components and the fields are the following: InventoryID, Inventory Type(this is the Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, etc. and I am using a combo box for this one in the system), Item Brand, Item Name, Serial Number, Date Purchased, Dealer/Seller, Quantity, Warranty, Buyer. Hoping you could give me tips so I can fininsh this as soon as possible. Thanks!