Yes I think its a matter of tweaking also. Tags vs subforums should be fime for user and forum . But i do feel the mass of avatar, profile cv changes does little for a user experience, more so on a hand phone that desktop maybe

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Plus why couldn't you just make this kind of list appear when they click the primary category? So when they click Web Development then it'll take them to every post then they can enter the tags they want to give help for.

i an starting to feel it is not a great site to view, having to scroll down past all the so ans so joined so and so changed this etc multiple posts of apossible languages that have no relevance to me.
i see Stackoverflow use a button that displays tag by popularity so the most popular tags are easy to access. IMO a much easier experience.
I get the feeling that negative comments arent being viewed very well however thats my opinion. and its meant in a positive way

trying to find this thread ( i saw it first on my phone0 i searched for diafol. it returned 1 post 2 yeasr old . that cant be good

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but even Microsoft had to listen to its users eventually when they introduced win8. Im sure they thought they were changing for all the right reasons.
Persomally i dont have any issues with the new approach but would be interested to see who is happy with new and who is not and will choose other sources for there time

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$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_URI']. will echo the directory you are in so it will always cause a problem. is this not ok or is it interfering with your .htaccess somehow?

<ul> <li><a href="<?php echo 'index.php'; ?>">Organisation</a></li> <li><a href="<?php echo 'about/organisation.php'; ?>">Organisation</a></li> <li><a href="<?php echo 'about/team.php'; ?>">Team</a></li> </ul>

yes thank you

thought id throw my observations in. I have virtually no experience with CI or CMS in general so i though i might represent an unskilled and unbiased view. Or not so feel feree to ignore me :)
Installed without an issue. but made note a couple of v small things
password confirm needs a <br> to put it under, the password field as it is strange looking allignment.

in the site seetings for fonts i would like to see a data-list of suggested fonts.

If there is not a template or theme to be added it would be good to be able to size the heights of the footer header or i think the results will be a bit uniform.
just my initial impressions, but over all it seems a good project under way

<img src="image.jpg" title=" my title" width="640" height="401" />
title element

AC/DC were one of the few bigger name bands to perform in Bali, sadly i missed them.

always new stuff to learn.
Before I got married, I had absolutely no idea there was a wrong way to put the milk back in the fridge.

@mushfik thank yu for answering pritaeas already saw that rookie mistake :)

I hit fruther problems testing this, the download error caused a download of something and it caused wamp to just keep downloading to the point it crashed my harddrive . took me a while to see the problem as i thougt i had a drive corrupted but will try again today with bettr explanation
im feeling as dumb as a bag of hammers at the moment :)

in your database (phpadmin for example) use default current_timestamp and in attribute on update current_timestamp

well another roundabout way is to write the result to a file

$file = fopen("text.txt","w");
echo fwrite($file,"Hello World. Testing!");

then the reult can be retrieved in an html file

 <object width="400" height="50" data="text.txt"></object> 

Odd way to do it though


    $a = "Unemployed";
    if ($a == "Employed, Locally"  || $a == "Employed, Abroad"){
    echo "hi";
    elseif ($a == "Unemployed"){
    echo "hello";
function closeWin() {
    myWindow.close();   // edit myWindow to your window name
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@diafol i have a similar linux history to yours but i just installed linuxmint on a new laptop and so far so good. worth a look at perhaps.

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cant you put the bank names into an array then check
if in_array?

thanks both of you. i susupect thats my vunerabilities i had converted to mysqli a whaile ago but did not use prepared statements. i dumbly thought i was toasty with that andthat the permissions were select only. i have now read further which clearly i should have before,
well im working my way through the site now making the changes.
i eventually downloaded vega scanner which pointed me to my fails, impressed with that just wished id known before so hopefully im on the road to secure site

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