Which approach is better make this part of tables which all projects use at single point and contact it ith web service . Or add it in every project and when one changed i change all

Im working on a one huge project that is combination of many sub projects which is talking to eachothers and they all use apart from data base whice responsible to manage user's account i dont want to work with one database so i have to isolate each project's database and use web service to allow them to communicate // or in each project i add manage account table and every time those changed i change it at all projects db

Does google amp supports using alexa code for alexa ranking?

im looking for way to make my game allow players to play with each others via internet
i can use some kind of rooms
i need help to know what is the recommended engines that can i use for real time multiplayer apps

i want to send an sms to the web service and wait for some event before deliver it to the target distination

i need tutorial of how can i get the location and tracking it
video with sample will be perfect

im trying to creat buttom to show all ocntacts on the phone

with this code :

    private async void SearchContactButtom_click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    await SearchContacts();


    private async Task SearchContacts()
        var contactsStore = await ContactManager.RequestStoreAsync();
        IReadOnlyList<Contact> contacts = await contactsStore.FindContactsAsync();
        var dlg = new Windows.UI.Popups.MessageDialog("found " + contacts.Count + "contacts :D");
        await dlg.ShowAsync();
        ContactsListView.ItemsSource = contacts;


and this xaml code


    <DataTemplate x:Key="ContactDataTemplate">
            <TextBlock Text="{Binding Dispatcher}" />

    <Button Name="SearchContactsButtom"

    <ListView Name="ContactsListView" Margin="-10,73,10,-73"/>

but i have error package could not be registerd
and i think there is mistake i did at the datatemplate tage on the xaml code at the binding line
any ideas ??

i mean auto not manual with out choosing
just click the buttom and all contacts are shown

thx alot
but is there any way to pick up all the contacts

how can i access the contacts on the device then show it in list

i want to start developing ios apps on my lap (windos)
i dont have mac
so how can i start

i want to insert at avl tree
and search
where can i get avl tree code from ?
to study

i need code shows how can i send information from html page to an email on submit
with out opening the email broweser or any external url

I have website project .user can log in to use it at the home page
now the problem is if any user write URL for any other page without login it will show him the page I need to ensure that any user visit other page have already logged in AT THE HOME PAGE

if i have html forms that takes data from the client
with jsp code
i want to save this data at mysql data base
how can i do this with code ???

What are the channels used (802.11 b,g) in Egypt & why?
What are the channels used in USA & why?

can i use the channels which can i use by manuall configuration (can i changee these channels )??

:D i have quiz tomorrow and i have some questions couldnot answer it :/

thx guys , can u help me with tis
what is the relation between frequency and transmission of signals ?

multiple routers?
mean that i cant have 2 access point connected to the same router ?
the same network ?

what is the difference between bluetooth ,zigbee and uwb (ultra wide band) ?

what is the relation between frequency and transmission if signals ? explain

can you have more than one access point in your home ? explain your answer
if there cases write it

1- implement a double linked list (node contains data and left pointer to the previous node and right pointer to the next node)

thanks very much
im using visual studio c++ 2012

i just want to know how can i start to code my private GUI in c++
what libraries can i use?
and is there any book or bdf can help me ?