@Moschops I come from a consol C++ background ( not much experience but I do know a few things)
The thing is I tried using using the standard C++ libraries but for some reason they didn't work.
I would prefer using Qt libraries just to provide me sense of continuity. :D


@Ancientdragon how do I impliment this in qt ... i mean what functions does qt provide similar to getline and atoi?


@panqnik what do you mean?
I am sorry if I sound a little dumb but just started programming


Could you exlplain your question first?
I mean what do you want to achieve?

and on a side note-

     for(int g=1; g<=3; g++)  //<-- try using this ( int g)

If you have errors post those too.


@Ancient Dragon I dont just want to read it. I want to read specific pieces of data, and use that


I am using Qt5.2.1 and I made a program that stores some data into a file and then reads the data.

it stores some variables values.

After I restart my program... I want to read those values and re-store the values of those variables... How can I do this? I am fairly new to Qt (programming altogether).

Thank you in advance.

this is some text inside the file -
500 - 1000 : 29
1000 - 1500 : 0
1500 - 2000 : 0
2000 - 2500 : 0

here the 29,0,0,0 are the values and I would like to assign them to the variables.


@panqnik The thing is I don't know how to do that... could you help me in the right direction?


Hello People!
I am quite new to Qt (and programming in general). And I am making a program that requires me to encrypt a file and decrypt it after asking for a password through the program.
But I have no Idea where to start.

What I already have - A program that takes some info from the user and stores it in a simple text file.


I am using Qt5.2.1 and I made a program to do some stuff. In it I added a radio button (named 'others') i want that when the user clicks this button a line edit pops up besides it and lets the user enter some stuff inside it. when the user clicks another radio button, this line edit goes away.

Please please help me!


I am using Qt5.2.1 I made a program that stores some values(like name, number, other details...) in a text file. I want to arrange this information according to the name.

Something like this.

Alan 24140239 some_other_info
Avril 64376334 some_other_info

bob 532523 some_other_info

And so on


I am using Qt 5.2.1 and I made a program that takes some values and saves them on a text file. What I want is that everybody can see this file and read the content but nobody can edit it. To edit it, you would have to run the program and enter a password. How do I do this?

thanx in Advance :D


Hey I found a video on youtube and I finally achieved it!. I am a noob so maybe I did follow the wrong instructions :P .

Thanx a lot for your help.

One more question... I created a lot of line edits and Spin boxes... now I want to use those values that the user enters in the boxes (and save them in text file)

please help me out .... thanx in advance


When doing that i get stuck in the part where you have to write "configure static...." in Command prompt.

When searched for this problem, i saw many people with the same shitty problem and i decided to give up on Qt... now you're scaring me from trying microsoft visual studio. :(


To statically link programs in Qt you have to recompile Qt itself right? that's what I read on the forums and all.


I have used Qt to create GUI program in C++, but i have given up in trying to statically compile Qt. i have moved on to microsoft visual studio 2013, the question i wanna ask is does the same problem occur in visual studio ( creating static programs ).

if yes then, how do i start making static GUI C++ programs in microsoft visual studio 2013?

if possible could you give a detailed description or a step by step instruction as to how to do so?

thanx in advance :)