Hi, Like all said you need to know JAVA before you start.
I started in Android Development with this book ( http://it-ebooks.info/book/1564/ , http://www.vogella.com/tutorials/android.html) using eclipe+SDK as IDE. but now I'm working on android studio and you can find some tutorials on youtube.

didn't work. no result

yes true. but what if you deleted the email. how will you know?

PixelatedKarma and kaka_bin are on right. no solution

Thank you for replying. So the conclusion is: no solution for this mission.

I have a gmail account, and i registered to many websites using that email. I want to know if there is any way to know what sites are registered with this email. (for example i can sign to facebook, daniweb, twitter using that email and also to other websites, so how can i know what are these others websites. Does google provide this function)

If it is impossible to find a complete database, a link to a website that gives all informations about all animals will be helpful.

Hello. I'm developping a project about the decision tree in Java. My project idea is about animals, but it's gonna be a big database and i don't have too much time to complete. So my question is: Can anyone help me to found a complete database about animals or about anything related to a decision tree project(maybe about fictional character, etc..). (Note: the database should be in sql or oracle). Thanks in advance.

The link you provided seems very useful. i will check it and see what compiler is more appropriate. Thank you BobS0327.

I have a idl file, and i want to compile it. So my problem is that i'm searching for a compiler. (I'm using the Dev-C++ for rogramming).
I searched the internet but i found nothing. i don't need tutorials, all i want is a compiler.

yes I did but it doesn't generate the stubs and the skeleton that should generate

Hi. the last month, i had a chatRoom project in college. I built the chatRoom application on java, using the rmi method. my requirement were:

  • 2 laptops (windows 7)
  • eclipse kelper for programming
  • a cable to connect the two computers

and now my project is to redevelop the chatRoom application so it can runs on different os and the server should be in c++ language and the client in java.
What i know that i have to work on something called Corba to complete my project.
I hope these information help in something.

i tried to compile the idl file in visual studio 2010, but it doesn't create all the stubs that i need

The first thing i usually do before go to communities is to google it :p , and the link you give is already mentionned in the tutorial you told me about. I visited the link and i didn't find a download link for the compiler.

I know this tutorial, and I know how to create corba project but my problem is how to compile the idl file. what software should I have to use to compile the idl file. This tutorial use something called Orbacus to compile the idl file. but I don't know how to get this Orbacus thing :p

Hi JamesCherrill

I was just trying to make it more clear to the poster. But you are certainly on right. It's like giving a fish instead of teach how to fishing. I will be careful for the next time.

String a=new String("SMS Message");

this line means that you reserved a memory pointed by a and has the value "SMS Message". So when you say if(a==b), you are comparing the addres of the memory (like JamesCherrill said). But what you want to do is to compare the value of this memory so you use the "equals" method


hope this help.

Hi, i was working on corba project using java, now i want to do it on c++. but i don't know how to compile the idl file in c++. I'm using dev-c++ for c++. So what software should i have do compile the idl file?

i see that your code is missing:
1) you need to add the main

public static void main(String [] arg)
{   new picture(); }

2) you added the key listener on the ball which is label, and i don't think it will work. so i advice you to add the key listener on the JFrame, so instead of "ball.addKeyListener" use "this.addKeyListener"


 public void keyPressed(KeyEvent e) {
                    int KeyCode = e.getKeyCode();
                    if (KeyCode == KeyEvent.VK_W) {
                    } else {

when the key is pressed, you just increment l, and this will not move the picture, so you need to update its position.

ball.setBounds(10, 10, h, l);

i hope this help.

The email is clear but it's my fault because i didn't notice about the username. Most of community and social media that i joined, i usually use my email address to login. (i get used to do so. It's about habitude) . Maybe in daniweb you can make this possible.


i'm sorry about this but i was missing something. i tried again and i was looking to the request email and i notice that i have a username. the problem was that i was trying to login with my email instead of my username.
thank you.

i did that. and every time i change the password to a new one. but i still get this oops message

Hello, I'm new to daniweb community and it's very exiting and useful place to share idea and problems. but i have this problem. every time i login i get a message about invalid combination password. and i'm sure that it's my valid mail with my valid password. so every time i have to send a request to my mail to login to daniweb. Is this a normal case or i missed something?

I always stuck in these situation about resizing buttons. so i will suggest you my solutions and if you find a better one please share:

1)the BoxLayout, instead of using gridLayout at line 67 you can use this oakpane.setLayout( new BoxLayout(oakpane, BoxLayout.X_AXIS) );

2)a FlowLayout panel into the oakpane, create a new panel, add the button to it and then add the panel to oakpane.

JPanel pa = new JPanel();
a = new JButton(new ImageIcon("charopt.png"));
a.setSize(150, 267);

I hope this help.

at line 21 you misspelled the fib4() (lowercase f) method.
and fib4(i), i is long but it should be integer.
I hope this help

JamesCherrill commented: You are right! +15

i think that "System.out.println(pig);" in line 63 should be in the line 60, before the left brace.

1- when you enter your number from the keyboard, you should press enter to commit the value entered.
2- your code is 100% correct:

while (condition is true)
    do something here

so while the number!= -1, you keep entering new number, when the number you entered is equal -1, that means the condition in while statment is false, so you will exit the while loop.

i hope this help you.

u have a interface name Shape,
next you created an abstract class named Shape2 that implement the interface,
next you created 4 classes (Square, Triangle, Octagon,Circle) that should extends the abstract class,
so this is the first error i think, you should replace "class Square" with "class Square extends Shape2" and the same for the 3 others class.
and i'm not sure what the methods in line 31,32,33,34, if you mean to draw the shapes i think you should use the method from the abstract class
shape1.drawShape(g), and the same for the other shapes. I hope this help.

First you cannot define method in the static void main() method, so method1 and method2 should be in the class Salry but not into main.
Second method1 and method2 should return an interger which you didn't in your exemple, so you need to add a return statement or to change the methods so it returns nothing (from int to void)
Third the try catch exception isnt important because the method1 doesnt throw exception, so no need for try catch.

so the code should be like this, i hope this help.

public class Salary implements Interface1
    float pf,hra,sa,da,tax,net;

    public Salary(int sa)
        this.sa = sa;

    public void method1()

            System.out.println("Net salary of an employee"+net);

    public void method2()
            System.out.println("Net salary of an employee"+net);
            System.out.println("No deduction");

    public static void main(String args[])
        int sa = Integer.parseInt(args[0]); 
        Salary s=new Salary(sa);