Content Marketing is the latest strategy which can help a business or website to acquire traffic, leads and also generate backlinks. Content marketing using blogs, articles can help to build backlinks so as to increase the keywords ranking in the search results.

Its definitely white hat. If you are planning on going for black hat then the wesbite can get spammed and would never be ranked in the first page.

I will answer for the first question "is web directory submission still good for seo?" Only high quality directories are helpful for the seo. These high quality websites can be found only a few. Previously this technique was very effective but due to the various google updates, its not very helpful nowadays.

Not all the link building activities can help to rank the blogspot, if its a subdomain eg . By linking up with other articles, sharing it social media can help to rank the blogspot better in the search engine.

Content marketing like blogging, press releases and sharing in social media can help to increase the traffic of a website. Also this would take time in getting consistent unique visitors.

It always depends upon the quality of the content and also the website in which the article is being posted. Goarticles which was one of the best article submission sites doesn't accept any kind of articles now and has mentioned that it would be closed the website in the upcoming days. These are the result of over spamming of contents. We should be precise in selecting the right website for the right article.

Sharing unqiue relevant contents,videos can help to increase the visitor count. The best method would be the use of fb ads where we can get targeted traffic.

Make offers and discounts for a particular period of time. Introduce new products based upon recent trends.Better to focus on local seo in order to generate more local conversion sales. SEM can help to get targeted traffic whereas seo takes more time to generate leads.

Classifieds, article submission,press releases,guest posting,blogging,social media are some of the organic techniques which can help to increase the organic traffic of a website.

commented: Article submissions, guest posting doesn't works out any more I would say you are still in stone age head over to searcheingineland and get yourself.. +0

I usually have a look a t the search engine watch since it gives the latest updates of seo,social media and digital marketing

As per google guidelines , it is better to have less number of iframes for a website since it could affect the seo process.

Share the article which are published in various social media site.Include pics and videos instead of content.Join in groups and share it to the relevant audience.Run some kind of contest or polls.

Tools for promoting websites will only lead to spamming prcocess .Hence it better to follow manual link building.Content marketing,pdf submissions,document sharing,article submission will help to increase the serp of the website

A very good backlink is very hard to get these days.Only through various off page techniques we could acquire quality backlinks.The only way to get free backlinks is by using some backlink tool generator which obviuosly spams the website.

It is the process of ranking a webpage highly in the search results for irrelevant or unrelated content. For eg : when you type in the word "car" and if the results are obtained as "bikes" , then it is referred as google bombing since the websites are optimized for entirely irrelevant terms.

Currently google loves to rank websites having more quality content.Instead of focusing on getting more backlinks, its better to publish more quality content in the website.

Focus geo targeting classifieds,directories and also business listings.This will help to promote th products in their respective geographical locations.

Social Media Marketing is a form of paid advertising in the field of social media where the facebook ads,banner ads, youtube ads are used so as to increase brand value,traffic and also leads.

It great that google pirate update is affecting the serps for torrent websites with illegal, without copyright movies,videos and songs. These updates will definitely cause some drop in the traffic for these website although it cant be stopped fully.

commented: Well, yes I would say they must have started seeing the effect I don't remember actually I was going through some place where the traffic is showing a deep decrease ! +3

Just perform the usual link building activities in procedural way without over promotions.The backlinks would be generated only after a certain period of time.Instant backlinks are not possible.

Can you list out the activities which you have performed so far.Also quality link building needs to be done.Even a few of high quality backlinks are better than large number of low quality backlinks.

Content marketing is good technique where backlinks can be earned from various websites.These should be done in high quality websites.There shouldnt be any content duplication.Also getting backlinks immediately is just a way for getting your website penalized by google.

You can use flickr,imgur for photo promotion acivities and linkedin,youtube,stumpleupon and web 2.0 sites for alternative promotion activities

https provide a better security for the website but i am not sure whether google would provide better ranking boost for this.There are a lof of high quality websites with "http" having better rankings than "https"

Yeah there are some google adwords certification exams which can be taken online .This is a free examination which google has certified.The link has been clearly mentioned by Kelly above.There are different levels in this test.

Image posting can help to increase the image optimzition of the website.Just like search results, when the optimized keyword is typed, the images would be appearing in the iamge results.It helps in branding of logo and banners of a business.

commented: Yes, we can say it helps in branding or any organisation +3

Join in groups and share your posts,pictures to the audience over there.Also start off some contests,posts and give out some freebies by asking people to like your fb page.You can share fb pages in other social media sites like blogger,youtube etc.

You can use backlinkwatch,opensiteexplorer and majestic. I often use backlinkwatch .

Focus on content marketing.Only a handful of directories help in ranking and aprat from that social bookmarking is not effective nowdays.The homepage url would be enough if your tageting for the whole website without differing the keywords.

By using adwords , targeted traffic as well leads can be generated.Fb ads mainly helps in traffic but is not that much effective as adwords.