A very good backlink is very hard to get these days.Only through various off page techniques we could acquire quality backlinks.The only way to get free backlinks is by using some backlink tool generator which obviuosly spams the website.

Social Media Marketing is a form of paid advertising in the field of social media where the facebook ads,banner ads, youtube ads are used so as to increase brand value,traffic and also leads.

Focus on content marketing.Only a handful of directories help in ranking and aprat from that social bookmarking is not effective nowdays.The homepage url would be enough if your tageting for the whole website without differing the keywords.

The earnings mainly depend upon the popluarity of the website and the traffic which its getting and also the number of hits.Some people earn more than $500 easily for a single month.

Matt Cutts has given statement that guest blogging wont work nowadays.The major taking point at that time in regardance to the guest post was that many bloggers used to spam the post only for getting backlinks and not for posting unique content.If unique and good quality of posts are made , then guest blogging will be effective.

If your peforming high quality link building and gaining good quality backlinks then the page rank of a website will increase but it would take time.Only once or twice a year, the page rank is updated.

The links which are marked as nofollow does not provide the link juice for increasing the pagerank but however it brings the referral traffic for the website.The reason why nofollow attribute was introduced in order to prevent the spamming process.

Classifieds,press releases,sharing posts in social media can help to increase the traffic.In order for sales conversion, then the landing page for the visitors should be attractive with pics,even videos of products.

Robots.txt can be used to specify which webpages can be crawled by specific search engines.Also it can specify whether a webpage can be crawled by search engine or not.

Grey hat is acutally the combination of both black hat and white hat.But nowadays only white hat should be focussed.

Internet Marketing or it can be called as digital marketing involves
Search Engine Optimization
Search Media Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Search Media Marketing
Display Ads Marketing
Content Marketing
Email Marketing

Blog submissions,forum commenting,web 2.0 sites are some of the link building strategies which work out well.