SEO is better for you because it provide long lasting and organic traffic without any kind of paid.

Yeah. I think it is very complicated and take too much time for get rank well.

There are no any kind of tool that provide you information about by which update your site get penelised. Only web master tool provide you accurate information in security isseue and manual actions column.

There are many factors affect to ranking in google. Like webpage load time, quality back links, quality of content, internal site structure etc.

I never heared about that type of game which provide entertainment as we as knowledge.

What is disavow link and how it works on SE?

It is benificial for you if you bookmarking on sites with different description becuase same descriotion in every bookmarking sites may consider as a spam.

Forum is a best way for share your knowledge with registered member that very useful to others. It provide plateform in which member ask particular question in relevant category and get answer by member respectively.
There are many blogs and article available on net that helps you to learn about SEO.

There are no any major strategy for off page optimization. Just follow SE submission guide line fro back link generation is a best way.

It is very tough to get back links from .edy and .gov sites. Relavancy also a major factor that affect ranking.

You can use one keyword in your article title tag that benifit for you. Write title tag eye catche that attract user or searchers.

Use "alt" tag to for read image by SE bots.

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Search on google this type-

Ok thanks kelly for provide good information.

SMO is totaly depend on social media that interact with each others about products or services. You can generate istant back link to your site and promote it on various social media.

I agree with all webmaster reply. My answer are also same that they give.
Prepare yourself while write fresh content.

You must use SMO and SMM for your website that heplps you to generate traffic to your site.

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You can redirect those URL that you would not allow to SE. You will redirect those URL in htaccess file with 302 code.
After changes, you will upload in root directory.

Google banned forever those site who have duplicate content and backlinks generated in unnatural ways or not follow webmaster guidelines.

It is a combination of white hat and black hat.

If you perform SEO activity in its best way, it is effective. It is a science in which many things behind it.

Forum posting and blog commenting is a best way for link building. By this method, you instantly get backlink. Link exchange is also method but after google algorythem update, those link are not benificial to our site.