I have added some PHP code to JS for countdown timer. I have set the End Time Successfully but could n't set the Start Time can any one here Help me out. As we know JavaScript take system date/Time by Default. i need to get that from server. So here is the Code <?php date_default_timezone_set("Asia/Calcutta"); $start_date = date('D M d Y H:i:s O'); echo $start_date; echo "<br>"."Fri Apr 25 2014 16:26:06 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)"; $since_start = new DateTime('2014-04-26 10:25:00'); $ey = $since_start->format('Y'); $emon = $since_start->format('m'); $ed = $since_start->format('d'); $eh = $since_start->format('H'); $emins = $since_start->format('i'); $esecs = $since_start->format('s'); /*$sy = …

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