I am facing problem regarding Google Webmaster Tools. It has stopped updating status after 12/01/2015. I am facing the same problem will all my sites.

Is there anyone who is facing the same problem?
Can anyone help me out?

It has both yes and no answer. High reputed and high PR directories are still effective for SEO. On the other hand low quality directories can affect your SEO result.

Best way to know is to copy your desired URL and make a search in Google. If your site appears, it means it has been indexed.

Use BuySellAds to sell ads directly from your site.

  1. Write good content
  2. Focus on keyword
  3. Use blogging communities
  4. Share on social medias
  5. Get High PR backlinks

Best SEO technique is not to use any black hat SEO technique

you can use social exchange sites to boost your social presense

Google+ is better than facebook for web/blog promoting.

It's better to submit site manually (by hand). Because no one knows when which site is going to be penalized.

I think one should use dropmylink to find do follow sites. It really works very well.

Try to build backlinks from related and High PR sites.