Hi Pty,
I gone through myqsl excellent documentation. Can you specific some links. Because in mysql it goes from link to link to link getting confused.Thanks to reply

I want to do multi master master replication.
Suppose I have three servers A,B and C. Mostly reasearch says must go with circular topology as A->B then B->C and C->A. I dont want to go like this.My need is A<->B and A<->C. Is it possible?

Ok,I accept your suggestion and marked my last thread as solve.

Right, But both threads are little different prevoius question about one master master syncing of different database . And Now I am asking about multiple master master replication of same database. I think to keep both in different thread.

This article also post by me.

I have done master master replication . I want to do multi master master replication. I research and found mostly master master replication in circular topology. But I want to do one supermaster who reads and update other masters. Is it possible? Is anybody did this?

Thanks to reply. I had done this by

final_data['gate_passes'] = results.group_by{|r| r['gate_pass_type_id']}

Hi Everyone,
Can anybody suggest me. I have mysql with two database operations and production. My operations db have master master syncing on live server . I want to make production's master slave syncing onsame live server . Is it possible. How can do it?. Please help me. Thanks in advance

Hi Guys,
I am moving my project from angular 1 to react. Is anybody can help me that how can I authenticate every api calls . I check before every api call that access token exist in cookie or not . Is it not exist redirect to login page

Hi all,
This is my array of hash

[{"gate_pass_type_id"=>2, "tag"=>0, "total"=>2000}, {"gate_pass_type_id"=>125, "tag"=>0, "total"=>300}, {"gate_pass_type_id"=>661, "tag"=>0, "total"=>750}, {"gate_pass_type_id"=>661, "tag"=>2, "total"=>100}]

I want to convert it into
[2 => { "0"=> 2000},
125=> {"0"=>300},
661=>{"0" =>750, "2"=>100}]

Is any simple way without using so much loops

I have storing major data in mysql and logs are stored in cassandra. Cassandra db getting heavier and difficult to do queries.
So I want to migrate all my cassandra's table in mysql is it possible?

Hi everyone,
I have to integrate SOAP api using SAVON gem
When I am calling url it gives reponse and operations too
But When I call methods and posting data it gives me error

    client = Savon.client(wsdl:"http://netconnect.bluedart.com/Demo/ShippingAPI/WayBill/WayBillGeneration.svc?wsdl")
    => [:generate_way_bill, :import_data, :cancel_waybill]

     client.call(:generate_way_bill, message: data)

The server was unable to process the request due to an internal error.  For more information about the error, either turn on IncludeExceptionDetailInFaults (either from ServiceBehaviorAttribute or from the &lt;serviceDebug&gt; configuration behavior) on the server in order to send the exception information back to the client, or turn on tracing as per the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 SDK documentation and inspect the server trace logs.

I will definetly try this. See normally association based on primary keys.
In my case two table association with pair of columns not with a single column and without creating third table.
i.e. purchase_order_product and bundle

Hi everyone,
I have database in cassandra . I am facing difficulties in cassandra. So I want to migrate cassandra tables in mysql. Is it possible ?
How I can do this?
Please help me.

I have two tables as

    id  int primary key,
    purchase_order_product int,
    bundle int

   id int primary key,
   purchase_order_product int,
   bundle int,

I want to make assciation between employee and fabric_bundles via purchase_order_product and bundle

Hi all,

My project is on ruby on rails.
I have one of ruby api returns json.jbuilder
But I want that my api should not return json , it will display html.erb file
Is anybody can help me???

Thank you,

you solved my problem

Hi ,

I want to create a class in lib folder , from that class want to create mysql view .
such as in mysql

CREATE VIEW rocket_current_activities AS
    SELECT rocket_activities.status  AS status from rocket_activities....

This can be do in mysql but how to do from rails.
I dont want in migration file.
Please help!!!

Hi all,
Is it possible to ignore temporary tables in mysqlbinlog file for replication.

Thank You All,
I fix my errors, there was a minor mistake in my code.

Once again thank you

when i run select on temporary table in mysql it gives all records.
But when i tried in my php page it give blank reason.
Please help me out.

create table dummy{id int ,invoice int }

insert into dummy values(191,10),(192,11),(193,0);

I have to update 193 with invoice 13
but i want to fetch max invoice and then increment invoice by 1 for 193 .
i had tried
update dummy set invoice=(select max(invoice) from dummy)+1
where id=191.
It wont work
Thank you

Thank you,

May be it will solve my problem, I will try by view and let you know.

Thank you,
My project have lots of query ,i have to change all queries which is not possible.
Is there any tool with execute query on both db?

Hi all,

I have two db,
one db "latestdb" which have latest six months records
second db "backupdb" which have oldest records of "latestdb" and this records deleted from "latestdb"

I have a query which should return records from both db. Query will return new records from "latestdb" and old records from "backupdb".
Is it possible to do ,if yes then how?
Please help me.
Thank you.

I have a requirement to make a sales report from 1-aug-2014 to 24-aug-2014 like this:

Product Name         First Week   Second Week  Third Week
   a                      12            6           2
   b                       0            0           4 
   c                       0            3           0  

My table like this.

  prod_name varchar(200),
  quantity int,
  qty_ordereddate datetime

my sql query for this:

  `SELECT `main_table`.`prod_name`, `main_table`.`qty_ordered`, 
 SUM(main_table.qty_ordered) AS `week1` 
 FROM `products` AS `main_table` 
  WHERE (qty_ordereddate BETWEEN NOW()-INTERVAL 1 WEEK AND NOW()) 
 GROUP BY `prod_name`

But the above returns for only 1 week. If I change the qty_ordereddate BETWEEN NOW()-INTERVAL 1 WEEK AND NOW() to qty_ordereddate BETWEEN NOW()-INTERVAL 2 WEEK AND NOW() then it returns 2 weeks sales.. But I want the result as shown in the above format. So how can I customize this. Help me on this

Hello all,

My master master synchronization working properly but from yesterday after 4pm my sinking get stopped.

My uplink working properly but downlink not working.I failed to found any issues. Please tell me why such master master get stopped and any solution for it.

    echo $l;

I have done.

I want to print series like A,B,C ......AB
or T,U,V,.....AB
or BA,BB,BC,.....CA

in series i will input start and end characters
can anybody give me logic

I have one zend form.In this form i have on dropdown and blank div. In view page on dropdown change blank div fill another dropdown.
I want to validate div's dropdown so that without selecting second dropdown form could not submit.
Plz suggesssst any help