There are 2 factors onpage and offpage factors, onpage factors depends on the optimization of your website and design, offpage is the popularity of your backlink profile. if you blend both you should be up there real soon.

as we all know you need to link from your page to quality content and nothing less.

i think that if people want to be promoted on Google search results, first they should respect the webmaster guidelines and promote their website in that sense.

the prime goal is to make everyone provide FRESH CONTENT without cheats.

Google says the penguin hit has effected only %0.7 of websites... i can imagine what others say.

google plus posts can teach you more than facebook posts.

I am sure after a few years pople will start to be bored using facebook and by then there will be more platforms born to be available to choose from.

both have their ways. as obvious facebook has more features to the user as tools and google plus is more limited to what you can do. but at the end they both share the data you intend to get our there.

there are seo's out there that sell you 1.000 like but i think that is kind of a bogus deal as most of them scam you for money or steal your account.

The USA is the leader for world innovation so I wouldn't be surprised about all this, what next maybe another facebook for the government works too.

The 1 billion is a whopping figure, and then again this all shows how the internet has become a part of our daily life.

I think they are all great social media websites, but it all depends what purpose you use them for. If you want to socialize with family and friends they are great, if you seek for seo they don't pass any linkjuice being --no follow. So it really depends on how you want to make use of them, then again there are thousands of other websites to serve the purpose.