These are just tempory files, and backup files. This is because you created a new file, so until it is written to memory, these files will most likely dissappear. But they will still be there. This is to make sure that if word crashes, it has a abckup ready to boot.

Forgot the period too.

And I forgot to add commas. There goes the professionalism

Hello! I'm a twelve year old programmer (and no i'm not using scratch in science class) i've taught myself over 6 programming languages and I was wondering if I'm too young to be programming but I don't think so because it dosen't matter how old you are you can change the world with your keyboards and code.

Hmmm. Cool. Thanks thanks Dani. I was preety sure it was a bug.

How do I get featured? I've seen some people like happgeek (probably one of my favorite people on the site) But I was wondering on people get featured. I noticed that on one of my questions it said that I was one of the featured replies. Is that some kind of bug? Because I personally don't think I've been on the site that long in order to get featured. I checked my profile and it just said i'm a junior poster.

Probably just client-side and server-side interference because if it was on your end it was probably just an error from your web-browser.

I know that happygeek. It's because of freaking auto-correct.

That's the newb part. I already started learning powershell.

You can try replacing the moniter with another one. Try replacing your graphics drivers and updating your video card.

For one. That is a horrible question because I mean why don't you tell us what type of phone you have at least. But on most phones you can go to settings and it will have a software update button, but it might be under general=>and then you will see a software update button.

I'm sorry but the firephone is bad. It dosen't have much features besides the ones you just listed. But firefly is the only one that involves hardware. But it's just a button that activates a bit of software.

How about you directly access the and but some IMCP's on the server for when the ports get closed so you can run a diagnostic.

Also you'd need more info about the site such as you might be able to use it to get root access. But I mean also why did you put it on networking?????????

And even if you want to learn how to hack don't mispell this awkward newb question, ask what your trying to do and dont say TELL ME HOW HACK. Be more professional such as how do you secure you're network. Then you do the opposite to perform a hack. But it seems like you don't even know how to type right so you probably won't be able to do what I just said.

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Hello. I want to use to analyze my website for sql injection attacks but the computer that I have to use I don't have admin access on so i'm using portable python but I need to pass the script a command line argument and I can't seem to do so. Please help!!!

I've seen some basic and cool games and such but i mean they're not that advanced as far as games go but I mean they're preety cool but none of them seem like theyd' be profitable.

I know this might seem like a newbie question because I know you can make a living off of any programming language as long as it can solve your problem. I started with python, and such and I'm fluent in batch and I can make a program really easily and such in batch but it seems that it's very basic and unadvanced but I was wondering if there was anybody who had some experience and such in the field. I mean when I used to think about it I would use it to make installer/uninstaller programs then compile into an exe but has anybody done something else???

Nope, still isn't working properly.

ohhhhhhhhh duhhh, that's what I forgot to do.

This program also has a code editor inside of (it's basically like notepad) but if there's a problem with your code it will diagnose it so you can easily fix it. :)

Also if you still want it to be an exe you can use a bat2exe converter like the one here

Nevermind I solved my own problem!!!

Hello! I'm developing a computer program in which I have to code some batch, and I need it to run a python script which is in the folder. But it always returns 'No such file in directory' at first I was like 'WTF?' but 30 seconds later I realized that it's because I thought that the cd would automatically be set to the folder that the file was in, but it's not. NOTE: That the program is going to run on different comptuers so I was wondering what system variables to use. Can somebody please help, I don't want to have to spend three hours on google to find out everything.

Well for one. Internet explorer might be better then it was.....And i'm talking the latest version, you should use google chrome or firefox. If using chrome you can go to settings or the page info on the page your viewing which you can do by right clicking on the page then clicking 'view-page info' and make sure javascript is enabled to make sure it isn't javascript (which as gerbil stated ealier) they're way different. But if you're sure it's java then you can check the verion that you're running (and I mean check the number version don't just say 'latest') then compare yours to the version the server is running and that means for one the website is badly maintanied and the admin, or the programmers even could have made it auto-update through ICMP (but that's more of networking then development) but if the versions are different you might be able to downgrade to that version in order to run that application. If your really advanced you can probably configure java to run that version for only that one application.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so far nothing is working.

I take it that is python3 correct???

Hello. I'm running injection tests on an SQL database and I found a good script to do so....But it takes command line parameters which I can't execute properly because the command would normally look somthing like this......
python -u "" --batch. But I can't seem to do that because I have portable python. Can somebody please help.

I've started using the software and it seems to work!