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Ubuntu server

He's right. Can we see some code so we can fix it?

Hello! I'm very newbie when it comes to linux ive done some stuff with the desktop version but nothing with servers. I was wondering what installation to get and such in order to offer the best support for my python application.

Thanks Dani!!!

Hmmmmmm. I see some very good input here. You can basically use any language, like I almost always use python. If you just want to use something that can easily work on windows as in code a file that will directly run. I would say java or C#. But you should already have some programming background, so just use your best language, which looks like it might be perl. (personally you should learn another language like python for more cross-platform development, or maybe VB for windows)

Hello ladies and gentleman of I wanted to ask a question about publishing an application, or a program to put online. But all of my code is neatly organized (PY) modules which canc only urn if you have python installed and I don't want to make people install python just to run my program. I just want to make it into something like an (EXE) or something executable on windows to install everthing. Alright thanks! Also can I have some input about publishing mobile apps??? Thanks again!!!

Got it.

Thank you for the input!!!

Yes that and you should experiment with some networking development and such before you move onto hacking. Because to break a system, you must know a system.

I'm young and experimenting with coding trying to find what language is "my language" (which I guess means is that it's natural and I'm good at) So I started off with python and some MIT OCW to get introduced to the world of programming. Then I wanted to be able to develop desktop apps. So I tried out java. It didn't click. Then I tried C/C++. That was ok. Then I just said. What platform are you programming on? Well....Windows! So I looked up C# and it's going well and I think that it comes easily to me. Nevertheless I have no idea why I put all of that but by question was....What's wrong with this code? I've done some basic tutorials and I don't see what's wrong with this code. So I hopped on here to try and get help (and yes I tried google first)

using System;

public class Main
   public static void Main()
      // code
      string productName = "TV";
      int productYear = 2012;
      float productPrice = 279.99;
      // test code
      Console.WriteLine("productName: " + productName);
      Console.WriteLine("productYear: " + productYear);
      Console.WriteLine("productPrice: " + productPrice);


Still trying but now I have a little bit better of an idea. I'm more of a linux person.

Thank you.

Actually you need a little but more. You can't just straight up write an entire game using python. Write your 'algorithmic code' as in the computation and such for stats. But for graphics you need an engine and some back-end coding with a language like C. If you want, message me I can help you with that.

Hello. I'm preety new to php and web development and I've written a large scale development using php and I want to be able to work on it on my windows machine. But does anyone know of an istallation so I can just straight up run php scripts on windows??? Thanks.

I currently only have access to a this older laptop because my new one crashed do to an update by microsoft. (And yes, it was caused by an update) The laptop was a dell venue 11 pro. Which is one of those 2 in 1 computers which is better then most of them, and I actually like it. But sadly it dosen't have a cd drive so I can't use a disk for recovery. What's happening is that it says that it's missing BCD info. I know what that is but I don't know how to get it without a recovery drive. Please help.

Thank you for the input. Also we have teams for different parts, but my job is mostly debugging and finding bugs in the code.

Hello. I work for a company that does alot of stuff with python and I was wondering what methods are better then the one I use for finding a bug in millions of lines of code. What I like to do is find out what the bug does. Let's just say that it disables your audio. So now I can feed a program a keyword! So it now excludes all files except for ones with the import sys module. Then I find out where it occurs. Let's say it's when you download a file. Then you can narrow it down to all files in the 'download' directory. Then you can run a debugger with the application to find the bug faster. If anybody thinks they have a better idea I would love to hear it!!!! Thank you!!!!

Hello. I'm a newby in web development and I wanted to know if you guys knew any good books our websites to go to to learn Jquery for my new website. I've only used some css and a little bit of javascript but I wanted something better. I don't think there's a Jquery forum but yet again i'm kinda a newby sooo thanks for any input!!!!

Hello fellow python lovers of This isn't as much a question as much as the fact that I want to see how different people would go about using python to inject an SQl database. I made a script were you can access the ip and run a command. NOTE:Obviously I didn't give an actual database. Who am I kidding you guys aren't stupid. Here's my injection script

import MySQLdb

db = MySQLdb.connect(host="localhost", # your host, usually localhost
                     user="USER", # your username
                      passwd="PWD", # your password
                      db="MySQLdb") # name of the data base

# you must create a Cursor object. It will let
#  you execute all the queries you need
cur = db.cursor()

Honestly your question is solved. Make it so....Also your code block was written in a terible manner and was unpleasant to look at. Try fixing that for next time.

Thanks for the help but I just bought a wireless logitech keyboard that I LOVE so I will probably just will be using this but thanks for the help!!!

Hi i'm new to mobile development and I have some experience with objective-c but not much at all. My best programming language is python and i've written an app but I don't know how to publish it to the app store. FYI it's written in python if you haven't gotten that already.

Hello. I just got a new computer and I would like to use my old keyboard for it but my old keyboard isn't USB. And I only do soaftware so I don't really know what component or such I should use to make my non-USB keyboard be able to work with a USB. I dont know what my old keyboards plug is but its purple and not USB

Thank you guys for the support!

I'm starting perl and I run windows so I would like to know what is a good perl IDE for windows. Any advice is appreciated.

Does anybody know a good book, are a good website to learn perl. Anything is appreciated.

I usually use ASP.NET for web development but I haven't yet dived into any database stuff. So what database should I learn?

Gribouillis is right. It depends where you're going to upload but in most situations I would reccomend using the MySQLdb library that you can findHere