In my personal opinion PHP is a great language. I love that it can be written with html and css for style, and database and such quality. But why do PHP deevelopers earn less then other types? PHP helps get the website through sql and helps make it interactive. You can also run it with javascript for even more interactivity.

I was wondering because I know that you can do things such as create a website using php and such. And then there can be an instllable file, one for the user one for the admin. Then there can be mobile apps that all run on the same database. My question is: Is it possible to run other code like c# on the same database with PHP?. I was wondering because I've made a game in c# and was wondering I could run it on the same database, and have things from the game show on the website. And also have something like paypal on the website where they can make purchases for the game on the website. And have their game update with whatever they just bought.

If you want a login form from the database you should link the database login from it.

maybe you can use a loop to create the pages.

My program isn't working correctly, it's not getting the output that I want in this bit of code so can somebody tell me what is wrong with it?

.jumbotron h1 {
    color: #fff;
    font-size: 48px;
    font-weight bold;
    font-family: 'Shift', sans-serif;

Using some basic database work, you can have your website have a secure connection by running it through an encryption. You can also make sure that all of the computers hosting your website have a firewall to keep out connections that aren't to the webpage. (Use both of these for full security)

I have developed something similar, where they write their message, and it saves to a file on the database, then the person that it was sent to gets a notification that someone sent them a message and then if they reply the file just gets editted. So it's just changing file access.

My cousin had this issue once. He was playing minecraft one day then cablam!!! The screen is black. Knowing that i'm good with computers he plops the computer on my lap. This computer was running vista and was preety old, but wasn't really that slow. I restarted the computer then did a virus check. Then my cousin says "Something might be wrong with the hardware, the screen my have a weak connection." I'm just thinking in my head 'Readdly dude? I dought it.' But I was nice and I said ok I'll check. So I ripped apart the computer and it turns out that everything was connected properly. So I put the computer back together and then I look for updates and there wasn't software updates. but I looked at his device drivers and all his graphic drivers were severly out-of-date. So I updaated it and it was fine. The only thing is that his computer is just a bit younger then yours.

I haven;t even started learning perl yet, I know languages like java, c and python, but is perl even worth learning? I mean it's a preety old language (what am Isaying age dosen't matter, think of how much C is still used) but the thing that I meant is that other newer languages have other things that are better then perl, and some are faster than perl. So is perl even worth learning? I have thought about it but is it even worth it?

Why is it on here? I like the post but this isn't a social network! It's a Q&A forum! It it sure as heck dosen't belong under C#! You didn't even mention the language! In my opinion this post is good for a site like daniweb, (such as an it community) but more like you post things. Because overall this is pointless. This site is filled with experienced programmers and some who aren't but it's not like we know nothing! It's just sometimes newbies need a little help with an SQL database bug. Or a php web-app keeps redirecting. It's because were human and we make mistakes! That and part of becomming a good programmer is just programming! The more you do it the better you get at it. Overall I think that this is a preety bad ppost for this website, and it shouldn't belong in the C# section.

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You printed the same variable twice. You would either have to change it, or make a different one.

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That's the buety of python! That it can run things like kivy! Also there is no freaking way that Javascript can do the same tasks as python.

Because I can't message you, I just wanted to say that I beleive that this question has been solved.

In my opinion, python is a fantastic language, but is it possible to develop an operating system with python, BUT one thing that I do know is that if you were going to develop something with python it would probably have to be the gui. Because python dosen't even really touch the hardware of the computer (unlike C, C++, and Assembly) Who agrees with me? Who disagrees?

I'm confused with this question.I dont think that it is very good. But however in my experience with web development, If you want to make a solid Website running a good database php and MySql is the way to go.

You should host it via server. Why? Because php was designed to be able to run server-side, not to be able to be installed and ran as a local application. Also, if you really want to make this project even more funtional. You should do some SQL work do help with the database stuff. If you need to, I can do it free of charge. Email me if intrested at

I honestly think that the python programming language will take over other languages such as c# and maybe even c++. Why do I say this? Because a python interpreter can easily be embedded in the game. I have also written an engine to make python as fast as C++ (true story). It is also much easier to learn and write.