These are just tempory files, and backup files. This is because you created a new file, so until it is written to memory, these files will most likely dissappear. But they will still be there. This is to make sure that if word crashes, it has a abckup ready to boot.

How about you directly access the and but some IMCP's on the server for when the ports get closed so you can run a diagnostic.

And even if you want to learn how to hack don't mispell this awkward newb question, ask what your trying to do and dont say TELL ME HOW HACK. Be more professional such as how do you secure you're network. Then you do the opposite to perform a hack. But it seems like you don't even know how to type right so you probably won't be able to do what I just said.

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Actually you need a little but more. You can't just straight up write an entire game using python. Write your 'algorithmic code' as in the computation and such for stats. But for graphics you need an engine and some back-end coding with a language like C. If you want, message me I can help you with that.

Honestly your question is solved. Make it so....Also your code block was written in a terible manner and was unpleasant to look at. Try fixing that for next time.

Gribouillis is right. It depends where you're going to upload but in most situations I would reccomend using the MySQLdb library that you can findHere

Perl looks like a good language for back-end development? Do you guys agree?

try putting af spacce between the colon and 3px

I'm still kinda uncertain about python. But if you can, How would you go about making a instant messaging webapp? This isn't for any homework or paid jobs, just curious for my website.

Personally I think Python is better then ruby because it runs on the Django framwork and it can do more. But I wanted some debate from ruby devs so bring it on!!

In my opinion, c# is better then java. Espicially because it runs upon the .NET framework. But java can run on virtually any device. They re both alot alike, so which one would be better to learn?

Why is it on here? I like the post but this isn't a social network! It's a Q&A forum! It it sure as heck dosen't belong under C#! You didn't even mention the language! In my opinion this post is good for a site like daniweb, (such as an it community) but more like you post things. Because overall this is pointless. This site is filled with experienced programmers and some who aren't but it's not like we know nothing! It's just sometimes newbies need a little help with an SQL database bug. Or a php web-app keeps redirecting. It's because were human and we make mistakes! That and part of becomming a good programmer is just programming! The more you do it the better you get at it. Overall I think that this is a preety bad ppost for this website, and it shouldn't belong in the C# section.

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You printed the same variable twice. You would either have to change it, or make a different one.

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