Well for one. Internet explorer might be better then it was.....And i'm talking the latest version, you should use google chrome or firefox. If using chrome you can go to settings or the page info on the page your viewing which you can do by right clicking on the page then clicking 'view-page info' and make sure javascript is enabled to make sure it isn't javascript (which as gerbil stated ealier) they're way different. But if you're sure it's java then you can check the verion that you're running (and I mean check the number version don't just say 'latest') then compare yours to the version the server is running and that means for one the website is badly maintanied and the admin, or the programmers even could have made it auto-update through ICMP (but that's more of networking then development) but if the versions are different you might be able to downgrade to that version in order to run that application. If your really advanced you can probably configure java to run that version for only that one application.

you should just make the stats into arrays like this array[]; (list things between the braces.