Want to know about the New programming languages for designing website without spenting too much time like normally we are designing using php, cms, javascript etc.

Hi guys,

I have use 1 javascript code for banner and anther one is just above the footer but 1 javascript code is running and another one is not running.Theefore I just want to know how to run 2 javascript code in 1 page?

How to design and add navigation menu in joomla 2.5?

I have a big doubt regarding blog writing.
I, m just writing short story for my own blog, where I want to add my website link using keyword in anchor text in that story for the purpose of seo promotion.

But I'm confused that using hyperlink with anchor text in blog short story is good or bad. if bad then Where to add hyperlink with anchor text.

We use this when there are www, non www or index.hml pages in websitejust to say google that all url is www version pages.

Both technique we used for the purpose of promotion but we do seo for the purpose of pomoting website on google bing or yahoo and as far as social media, it help us generating traffic for our website.