Yes I agreed with @bordogamesdev, as it all depend on what kind of your target audeince are? If your target audinces are youth than you might need to focus on online ads rather than print ads because maximum youth you can find over the internet. Even sometime we can combine print and online ad to get covered all audience Here can check how combinging online with print helps in comprehensive branding.

Yes there are plteny of video marketing strategies, you can use but I have found of them here are very interesting.

Viral marketing wont work in this way as it require lots of dedication, efforts and not least but content investement. So we need to create an awesome, unique that can blow up over the internet and pick up by media channels.

After rolling out Google panda, its being compsulary to have good content on website that cater audience. Just changing content writing wont help either you have to focus on writing something awesome content that can grab by any one out there in the market.

Yes If you're doing with aim to contribute article without adding promotional links. It can increase brand awareness and increase your personal identity among community niche. As you check this LinkedIn post

Yes Google is going to rolling out Mobile Friendly Search Algorithm on this 21st April. This could be great updates after penguin in late last year. If your website is not mobile than you will be in hurdle so rewamp your website today without late. Anyone can test mobile friendly site AT

This is incomplete questions, can you please narrate more what exactly are you looking for?

There are many ways to promote website. All you need to follow white hat SEO techniques. Like post articles on other sites, publish article on your own blog, social media marketing, content marketing, infographic submission, viral marketing, video submission etc... more you refer this article

Email marketing is one best and successful way to generate leads. And yes no doubt that almost 30% lead comes from email marketing only. But it's all depend on which industry you're dealing with? and what kind of customer is? If you're in B2B industry than email marketing could be succeed.

There are few ways to increase followers on Google+

  1. Share article on daily basis with unique and attractive content.
  2. Enage with audiance and always tag other people while posting
  3. Join other your industry niche group and participate in that group by adding your valuable thought.
  4. Include your Google+ profile link on website and email singnature.
  5. Use Google+ profile link while publishing article on other industry blog.