I read all your comments here and they all collectively gave me a good idea as to what kind of life I would have (wish to have). Meetings, documentations, My gosh those are my things. I like to be stuck in a room, a quiet one, for long hours doing nothing but coding and documenting, then meeting, then drop by at a pantry, then back to coding etc etc etc...

The only probem that I face now is.. WHich is huge.I have been out of touch in programming for years working as a call center agent which I never loved. "I so hate saying those I'm sorry statements and assurance stuff".

I think that my knowledge on C++, which is the only langauge that I still can program in, is on the Intermediate level. I am planning to try a refresher course at a premier University here next year, then try my luck for a programmer position at a nearby company where I work. Crossed fingers.

I am so worried that my mental sharpness could be no longer enough for prgoramming. I don't know. I am just worried. But I know it's what I would love doing and will inspire me enough to not have to drag myself to work anymore.

I am an aspiring (at the age of 27) programmer using C++. I have future undertakings including getting a refresher course at a premier University in my country.

I am just interested to know in advance how it is to become a programmer. What are the regular routines that you do to start and end your day (shift) as programmers? Is it all about programming from login to logout? Are there other things that you do such as reporting, documenting, taking a cup of coffee, then coding, coding,coding....

Thank you guys in advance. Your answers will mean a lot to me. - Cheers from Philippines

Hi guys, after learning that MingW is newer than Cygwin, I immediately switched over to MinGW and deleted my Cygwin file.
I have added the MinGW directory into my Path Variable and also separately downloaded the MSYS which contains the make.exe program. Everything seems fine... until when I ran the program, it won't accept input. Have a look at my code;

int num;
cout<<"Enter number: ";

Enter number:

THe cursor(that usually blinks for input) does not blink. When I enter any number it won't accept it. THe only time it will do something is when the extraction stream object (cin) enters the fail state (i.e., entering a non-numeric data). When it enters the fail state it just goes...

Run Successful...

What is going on? Any idea?

No. When I type out "indata." a box would a appear below (indicating suggestions) then nothing happens. This is exactly what I was doing with MSVisual C++ before.

Good day. I was surprised to see that there are no members on objects declared as IFSTREAM and OFSTREAM. I have this code;

ifstream indata;
ofstream outdata;


It can't seem to recognize the member "open". Why is that? Any solution?

Thanks Rubberman. I have declared Using Namespace std;
Do I still have to prefix setw with std:: ?

Hi guys, I just found out that setw is not recognized in Netbeans C++ with Cygwin even when IOMANIP is included in my program.
Is there anything I can do for this? I need to format the output of my program, thanks.

Why is it that whenever I use the getline function I get an error during execution. To clarify...
I have this code;
cout<<"Enter your string: ";

getline(cin, myString); //line 1
cout<<"Enter your name: ";
getline(cin, myName);   //line 2
cout<<"Age: ";
cin>>age;               //line 3


Enter your string: gfgfkjhjkhgg
Enter your name:
Age: 25

As you can see, when you use the getline function the second time, the extraction stream fails and skips to the next non-String variable. Is that not weird? The result is that you can't enter any succeeding string variables anymore.
What is the solution to this?

Thanks in advance.

Oh my goodness! I do not know how to thank you. That worked!
I changed "clock" to "clocks" to minimize changes to just one letter.
By the way, in the future, I am to use a namespace instead, how do I do it?

Certainly. This is the main.cpp file

#include <iostream>
#include "class_clock.h"
using namespace std;

int main(){
    int hr, min, sec;
    clock myclock;  //object declaration

    cout<<"Program with a class Clock"<<endl;
    cout<<"Values before assignment"<<endl;
    cout<<"now enter values for hour, Minute and Second respectively"<<endl;

    myclock.set_time(hr, min, sec);

    return 0;

I have an issue with the random generator. I use the code;

myNumber = rand() % 100; //for numbers 1 - 100;

My problem is, the numbers getting generated have a pattern. Such that the first output is 33, 43, 62, 29, 0, 8 ...
Why is this so?
I am on Windows 8, Using Netbeans 8, with Cygwin installed.

Thanks in advance...

I have a header file named class_clock.h, and I declared a class named "clock" there. And in the main file I have a directive

include "class_clock.h"

It seems that the class "clock" is actually recognized. It is as though the format of declaring an object is incorrect. I have cygwin installed by the way and I am using Windows 8. If that helps.

Hi, my question is very simple. Like the title says; How to declare an object?
I have this declaration in my program;

Class_name Object_name;

and it is giving me an error, saying "Expected a ';' before "Object_name"

And this is driving me nuts because putting a ';' before the object name doesn't look like an object declaration.
Please help.
Thank you all.

This thread is solved. I had to redo the installation so many times.

Hi guys!

Just needing a little of your help here. I have been looking for a free IDE where I can program in C++ for the past months now after messing up my MSVS 2013 for Desktop. I found Netbeans to be a nice alternative. But I am having some issues about setting it up.

I am not sure (even after watching youtube videos) how to add compilers

I thought I needed to download and install Cygwin, which I did. But everytime I try to create a new project, a pop up says "No valid compilers were found..." or something like that.

What am I missing here?

Hi guys, good day!
I have a question here pertaining to Visual C++ graphics based. I recently started out incorporating GUI into my C++ programs, in this case, a calculator.
I have a textbox named TextBox1, the user enters the numbers and operators inside it, and when the button is clicked, it outputs the result. Here is a sample input;
when the user clicks the button, it outputs 6 into a label.
Problem is, I could not obviously use cin here to get the numbers and store into my variables. Can someone show me a very simple code as to how to store 4 and 2 into my variables num1 and num2 and also, store the operator "+" into my variable "operation" of char data type.

Something like this;

double num1, num2;
double result;
num1 = TextBox1->Text; //here is the error
result = num1 + num2;
label1->text = "" + result;

Thanks rubberman for the reply. Now, here's the situation (and I hope you have the time to comment on this).

There are times when my laptop is able to connect to my tablet by doing some command prompt troubleshooting, restarting both devices and so on and so forth. There are also times when it just does not connect at all.

Here is what I did. I changed Network (i.e., SIM card on my tablet).
Now everything is OK.
So I guess that should conclude it that my original carrier has some DNS issues.

Guys I really need your help here. Recenty my laptop has been having limited connection issues which I was able to resolve via some helpful command prompt such as netsh and ipconfig. However, problems never seem to stop. Now I am getting DNS issues. I attribute it to DNS because my laptop can't connect to the Internet without entering a valid IP address of the website. It is such a pain to remember IP addresses when there is actually a server that should be doing the job. What can I do?
browser: IE
connected to a tablet as a hotspot, the tablet can connect by the way.

Does my ISP have something to do with this?

Any alternatives?

My main issue here actually is Visual Studio installer (just could not find a specific category above).
So here is my poblem.

Visual Studio won't progress installing.
Once it reaches the Visual Studio C++ Runtime version (and some numbers), it does not progress any further. I even tried leaving my laptop overnight and when I woke up it was still on that same screen. So that should conclude it that the problem is not on my internet speed since if it were slow, at least for an overnight download, it should have moved the progress bar a little bit. Something is wrong here. What could it be?

Right. I just started PHP literally days ago.
Looks like I really have to back up a bit.
But do I have to do javascript? Is it really necessary to learn Javascript first before PHP?

How do I create an index file? What codes do I include in that file? (@pixelsoul)

I just downloaded WAMP 64 bit. Successfully installed. Everything went fine.
Problem is, I don't know where to go.
Where do I put my codes?

Online resources I have read says just create a directory in the root folder or something.
Does that mean create a folder in the "www" folder???
I did that. And yes, it created a folder link in the localhost page. But when I clicked that link, it displays nothing.

Can somebody shed some light here?

My computer keeps popping this message everytime I turn on my computer or when I install downloaded programs.
Can somebody tell me what this file is? What it does? Where to get one? and Where to save it?


I think WampServer is my pick. Thanks guys.

Hi guys, I just thought of starting PHP as my web scripting language but I don't know which applications I should be downloading.
The online resource that I was reviewing says I need to install;
Web Server

Can somebody tell me where to get these stuff? (all those three)

Guys is there any other solution (other than reinstalling my entire Visual Studio) to this component loading problem that I am having. I have just finished reading my C++ book and I am getting ready to start graphics-based C++ programming when I run into this problem. This is the message that pops up whenever I try to add components (i.e., button, textbox);

"Failed to create component button could not resolve mscorlib for target framework.Net framework version 4.0"

or something like that.
Thanks in advance.

Now I am wondering why I haven't thought of that???
That's exactly it. Thanks guys. I shall give you credits here.

I wonder why this program does not do any changes to the text file that I am trying to modify.
Scenario: My program uses the Fstream header file, I declared infile as IFSTREAM and outfile as OFSTREAM. I simply want to transfer data from infile to outfile. The data is as follows;

Adam Larson 89 90

This data is saved in a text file manually created with Notepad. Furthermore, I also want to add the average of 89 and 90 into the outfile target file however, it doesn't do it. it does nothing at all. I also observed that there seems to be no data extracted at all using the infile variabe so nothing is being copied into the output file. here is my code;

#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;
int main(){

    ifstream infile;
    ofstream outfile;

    string fname, lname;
    int mathgrade, sciGrade;
    double average;

    //get data from Input file
    cout << "This program creates a copy of a student data file with average\n";
    infile >> fname >> lname;
    infile >> mathgrade >> sciGrade;
    average = (mathgrade + sciGrade) / 2;
    //copy data into Output file
    outfile << fname << " " << lname << " " << mathgrade << " " << sciGrade << " " << endl << "Average: " << average << endl;
    cout << "Done processing...\nCheck thie file for output: C:\Projects\C++\outfile.txt\n";
    return 0;

Thanks Nathan and @rubberman.
Good question, I have tried using cout to test whether or not there are any data from infile, there aren't. Nothing is displayed. As to what compiler I am using, not sure how to check that. I am just using MS Visual Studio 2013 Express for Desktop.