Not advisable. Did you read the thread?

May be 5-10 busienees day.

I like the idea that search engines get time off work :-)

No need. There are still plenty of secondhand units for sale on online auction sites, with games. And the great thing about cartridge games, aside fast loading, is they tend to live longer than games stored on magnetic media.

Also, a few years back someone produced a console with 40 odd built-in games. Search the web for 'Atari Flashback' for more info.

As far as I'm aware the developer console merely sets up some environment variables. To discover what those variables you'll need the full edition of Visual Studio installed, or ask someone who has. Open up a developer console and type the 'set' command without any paramaters. You may need to change some paths to reflect the configuration of you own machine but once you have this information you can probably create you own dev console without needing to install the full version.

You can achieve what you want with an XML filter. See Consuming Events on MSDN for more help.

The way I normally approach this is to find an occurance of the event I want to filter, check the XML tab to discover its structure, then create an XML filter and save as a custom view.

For example, if we look at the SSDPSRV service starting we might see something like:

<Event xmlns="">
        <Provider Name="Service Control Manager" EventSourceName="Service Control Manager" />
        <EventID Qualifiers="16384">7036</EventID>
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2014-09-27T13:39:26.0Z" />
        <Correlation />
        <Execution ProcessID="42" ThreadID="42" />
        <Security />
        <Data Name="param1">SSDP Discovery</Data>
        <Data Name="param2">running</Data>

We see the information we need is in the first two Data items of EventData, 'SSDP Discovery' and 'running', so our query might look like:

    <Query Id="0" Path="System">
        <Select Path="System">*[EventData[Data[1]='SSDP Discovery' and  Data[2]='running']]</Select>

I'm not really too familiar with the flavor of XPath that Microsoft uses here. If anyone knows of a better or less error prone way of creating filters, please please do let me know.

Marriage isn't a word, it's a sentence.

Windows is an operating system. It's actually Microsoft that is out to make a profit. Darn those corporations, how dare they!

Did the problem arise before or after installing the fans?

If you haven't tried already, install them so that one fan expels air while the other draws air in. This should increase airflow through the case. If both fans are expelling air it might cause a reduction of pressure inside the case and prevent the PSU fan from working effectively.

Granted. He joins a rival team at your local pub quiz.

I wish pigs could fly.

Not even an empty one? But what if the site contains content that is not discoverable through the normal link crawling process?

Providing a minimal robots exclusion file with just a sitemap reference, as Dani first suggested, will help to ensure all pages are crawled. Even the ones that aren't linked.

I realize the OP is only asking about Google. Yes, it's possible to notify Google about a sitemap though their Webmaster Tool, but generally speaking it's more practical to use the robots exclusion file. That way you only need to specify it once and every crawler will have the opportunity to discover it.

That would override any disallow directives you may have defined, but only for those web crawlers that observe the Allow directive. Others could still be blocked.

Mojang bought by microsoft for $2.5 - thoughts?

Why, that's less than the cost of a license! Surely you mean $2.5 billion?

Given that MC was inspired by other games, I'm surprised Microsoft with its wealth of talent hasn't invested in producing an MC inspired game. I could have done it for half the cost, in case you're listening Bill.

And many moons ago Notch hinted that he'd consider giving MC away for free. Does anyone else remember that, or is my memory glitchy?

So all Microsoft had to do was be patient. Have they completely lost the plot?

what's wrong with the answer?

You've revived a thread that has been dead for five years. You might want to familiarize yourself with Daniweb's rules.

Apart from that your example contains errors. The image height attribute has become part of the querystring because of some missing characters. And the IMG tag isn't closed properly.

In fact it won't validate as HTML. IMG tags should have an alt attribute these days, and a minimal HTML file needs a HEAD and TITLE tag.

That said, it's usually best to keep code examples as short as possible. You could have discarded the HTML and BODY tags altogether, and the lengthy querystring is unnecessary.

Don't use any old domain name in your URLs. Prefer or one of the other TLD domain names set aside for this purpose. Linking to real domains can have unexpected effects, and you can't guarantee what that link might point to in say five years time.

diafol commented: Well said +15

"The method we are going to look at here is promoting your PPD files through a one page Blogger blog, targeting easy to rank for software tools that people are desperate to get hold of for free or in this case just by filling out an offer through our PPD network.

A popular niche to choose is Facebook games where we can offer and promote a real or fake (no ethics here) bot for the game promising infinite gold, cash or items. Now as previously mentioned we don’t have to actually offer a real bot as a file for them to download, in fact most people just upload a text file to the PPD network with a jokey message not really caring as the person has already filled out an offer to download the fake file."

Source: Archived copy of the Purebits blog

Is it just me or does it sound deceitful? I think as a downloader, I'd be quite annoyed if I had paid for this service.

In general I would recommend avoiding this type of service. If you need to download something, it's safer to obtain it directly from the vendor's website, the original source. There's a better chance of getting exactly what you want and less chance of receiving something malicious like a virus.

Purebits, please feel welcome to explain if I have misunderstood how your service works.

Well I was going to suggest Gumtree but it looks as though you've already discovered it. BTW, here's a excerpt from their terms and conditions I think may interest you...

"Gumtree contains content from us, you, and other users. Gumtree is protected by copyright laws and international treaties. Content displayed on or via Gumtree is protected as a collective work and/or compilation, pursuant to copyrights laws and international conventions. You agree not to copy, distribute or modify content from Gumtree without our express written consent."



How can an SEO company call itself 'best' if it has zero page rank?

It must be very frustrating for you. I'm sure you've tried various anti-virus and malware removal utilities. Unfortunately once a system has been compromised it's almost impossible to guarantee there isn't something lurking in the background that can reinfect the system.

To clean the system more thoroughly a disk format and OS reinstallation is required. This is something your local computer repair shop should be able to do for you, if you're not inclined to do it yourself. But be aware that any existing information will be erased, so backup anything important beforehand.

Hello, I'm old here.

Immediately after signing up I noticed something odd about my quality score badge:


Should that be 100% or does my reputation precede me?

Sarkurd, why not link directly to the search engine? Going via incurs a redirect, it's slow, and can you guarantee the link won't break? Sure it's possible that might vanish one day but it's much less likely.

If it's unsolicited or off-topic, yes it probably is.

Try using Firefox, Chrome, or Opera instead.

Anything but IE. Out of curiosity which version of IE are you using?