It is mainly used to optimize the website. It is refers to the pages that can be loaded via multiple URLs. This is a issue that fades out the link popularity.

Long time quality of the site can only increase the PR Of the site. I can never of sudden change. Try to generate quality links from high PR sites. Also, create quality unique content in the site that is beneficial to the readers.

It is the most effective meand as we can reach many people easily. Regular posting with useful information can attract many so as they can follow your business.

Good article. I agree that creating quality site for the readers itself is the best way to get indesxed by search engine. Doing SEO only to gain ranks never works.

Actually, Directory submission was once very effective. As the old trends have been mow replaced, submitting sites to the directories will not increase the rank.
Hence, it is better do other techniques which improves user interaction and satisfaction are much better.

Hey.. Thanks alot..:) will try and inform you both soon.

Thanks for your replies. Actually, i had analyzed my competitors site. But Dont know whether are using Forum posting or any other to gain inbound links. What are the ways to analyse them? Please help me to improve my site's PR.

It ia a way to gain quality one way incoming backlinks. Higher the quality of the backlinks better will be the search engine rankings and internet visibility.

Bruce Clay is the Father of SEO, as he only coined the term.

Hi all,

I am new here. Can anyone please tell me how to find a travel forum list that are with PR ratings.