Microsoft gave a deadline to trim one's online discspace. Anyone know the date? Guidance sought

Electricity failed for an Asus Windows 7 home premium x64 laptop. 52% file completion and 15% install at that moment. Have not attempted any continuation. This is a wifi home only. Seeking guidance on how best to proceed.

Much thanks for the reply. Looking for a quality copy of such a page. There are some on the internet but all seem to be blurred. Continued guidance appreciated...

Have the HP C4700 and the D110. Need an image of the printer alignment page. Don't use printing anymore... just the scanning function. Took them out the empty cartridges recently and now a cannot get back to the scanning function until an alignment page is generated. Do not know if the alignment test is specific to the model. Hoping for a decent quality images for each model.

Have an Android 4.1.1 just for Wifi use. No cellular contract for it. Looking for some android app choices...How can one get a texting address

Guidance sought

Blackberry messages will play with Quicktime but I need a converter to play them on Windows machines. Guidance sought

Have the app on an old Blackberry Curve 8330. Have never used it but now that I need it I find the following difficulty. Launching the app shows a folder icon, a blue word to go icon, and a red slideshow to go icon. Launching the word icon I find that the app leads to the next option..."open a file" which is a folder icon that, when selected, shows a message "scanning for files" which then leads to another page that says:
Open a file... below it is a folder icon that says device memory. Through the USB connection I have moved some word 2007 documents to different folders in the hopes that I could find one of them and know precisely where word documents go. Have not been fortunate in this regard. Have not been fortunate in this regard and have not found specific documentation on how to address this.

Images uploaded to Microsoft online folder!565&authkey=!AICTyMIFvG7YIaw&ithint=folder%2cjpg

Guidance sought

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Have the Blackberry Curve 8330 and, through a USB cable, have been able to move data with my windows 7 notebook. Apparently changed something in the settings on the Curve and now when connecting the USB cable windows does not show the device and its folders. Hoping for guidance on how to restore connectivity.

Have what I believe is a PST folder of downloaded email from an Optimum Online account.

  • Within Outlook how can one confirm that this is PST file/folder
  • What is the proper way to get these emails to a DVD, then check if the transferred data is correct

Have an Optimum Online account soon to be closed. Is there specific guidance on how to move all of the mail to my desktop and, specifically into Outlook? What about PST files?? Guidance sought

Have the Proscan PLT8802G-2014-0314 Android 4.2.2 Tablet. Just added a 32GB SD card and want to run most apps from the SD. Manual is poor and I seek an informed opinion. I know there is an internal storage in setting... not enough information

Have a vintage Toshiba Satellite.. BIOS does not recognize the USB I would nned to run UBUNTU from a USB drive. used to see third party providers that could update an existing BIOS. Looking for an informed opinion on what BIOS Flash solutions could work

Not sure if there is a place Android questions... Guidance sought

Internet DNS taken over by Verizon. Set static numbers but no access. Windoows 7 networking says there is a connection with router/computer. Only error code is 0x80131700... Don't know what this has to do with the issue. As indicated, changed to a private home network. Navigating with Internet Explorer and Firefox... Server not found. Have images if necessary. Guidance