Now i feel sorry for you happygeek

Hope you get well soon.

who says things are indestructible i think the sun can destroy an indestructible thing

Your right Korea got tons of nuclear crap too which threatens the US every time

AHH dont tell me that that freaks me out

Ah but if a black hole came along we be dead for sure because its so immense that even a thing at the speed of light cant escape

whoops tons of mistakes thanks for that ddanbe

Im not a pervert
And 2 I mean what computer games like AW OR GTA 5 do they play in bed

Celerons are kind of a budget processor only to make low-end pcs for instance a storage pc only need 4 to 6 cores or just a celeron

Would you play your laptop in bed???

My iDEAS are upgrading pc parts every 6 months

You are talking to yourself

And Iraq what about that well I say there are a newfound bunch of nit wits

If an Metiorite hit earth and knocked it off its orbit will we be in trouble?

But it can also indicate that the drive stopped functioning I think EASEUS will do the job but if i doesnt then its a failing HDD

The red arrow indicates drive failure

I like messing around with hide and seek when finding something

5Billion I think

Ah maybe next time i should provide more info

Oh ok

What about the green house effect is that causing the earth to get hotter every year just 2 week back it was 66 degrees on the other side of Australia

right click on the file or folder go down to properties click security and it should have change permissions I dont know though last time I did that It locked my HDD and I couldnt boot

Ah interesting fact Sneekula and our suns actually an energy source what happens if the sun dies out that means no more energy I actually heard news that they found 8 new planet candidates that could potentially be our next earth

Whoops i was going too like do another post to say if you wanted to have a look but oh well but its all going now just need to power it up

Im building one with surge protection

Srry bout last thread to as here happygeek provided the link for you so hope you have good luck!


I know this sound weird but What will happen if the earth fell into the sun some kids say why does the moon not fall down well thats a beautiful question the moon is constantly falling but what will really happen if the earth stopped its orbit and fell into the sun well if it did we would approximately have 64 days until the earth gets destroyed.

Day 0: The earth begins its journey into the sun

Day 6: After 6 days of falling into the sun the earths temperature rises 0.8 of a degree you wont feel the heat yet but you will soon.

Day 21: the earths temperature has risen 10 degrees now the earths experiencing a global heat wave.

Day 35: We are now %20 percent of the way to the sun the suns intense and the global temperature is 58.0 degrees the earth now exceeds the historical temperature in Death Valley CA.
For most people now cant survive either the airconditioners are failing or the powers being tapped out.

Day 41: we have now crossed venus's orbit the global temperature is 76 degrees too hot for the Sahara Desert Ant but the pompeii worm is still thriving which they can survive up to 80 degrees.

Day 47: We just left the habitable zone the temp now exceeds 106 degrees too even hot for us to live. but the pompeii worm is still thriving underneath the earths crust where the earth prevents boiling water from accessing the ...

if you look on this site: you should see lots of parts you have to click clearance to see all the parts as its an icon of a crate saying clearance on it
Plus have you tested the Hard Drive to see if that got stuffed