for all those seo professionals who have been suffering from low rankings because of lack of an https on thier website, i would like to introduce you to an intiative by Google, CISO and other companies to provide free https

Kelly Burby commented: Well, I didn't know that I must say that's something good and surely going to benefit all of us ! +3

when u say page submission is assume u mean submissions to syndicated content, its not the best way to get links if u ask me

this is old news, but luckily there is a effort by google and company to give ssl certificates for free at Let’s Encrypt

on your website you state that you do seo, so you know what u need to do. maybe it was just a way to get that extra link (nofollow)

the best was is to rectivate it and change the privacy to provate as stated by PixelatedKarma, had the same problem and that how i solved it from my end