Currently working for the project Vedishop. the website were optimized for the keyword Buy Crackers Online.

review my website and suggest me for better seo optimization

focusing to get contextual links.

@larryholley, is credit link is same as sitewide link?

so you sell furnitures nline.

Do Local SEO and Local Business listings on your City Based Classified Websites and Google.

Google's New Search Reslut Page added all the relevant details for local search.


see the above example, so first promote your website on locally then focus naional wise.

content is king,queen and all. xD

Four Japanese scientists measured the amount of friction between a shoe, a banana skin and the floor: it's 0.07


Welcome to Daniweb Community. xD

Welcome to Daniweb Community. xD

Yep, because the average reach is low for low budget ad campaignb. maybe that can to take count for the ad placement. xD

i was waiting for my approval on dmoz. lol it almost 6 months over.

yep google uses dmoz as one of the ranking factor.

There have been serious scientific attempts to study whether or not our "reality" is, in fact, a computer simulation a la "The Matrix."


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Hello Mate, Welcome to Daniweb Community.

Hello Patrick, welcome to daniweb.

i will lose my job, if there is no more www

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Bro, i think you have posted on wrong section.

google uses ssl as one of their ranking metrics. xD

if you need a tool, then my suggestion would be fiverr. go and bought traffic at fiverr gig.

Note:- Blackhat would always harm your site

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go and check on Google Tag Mangaer remarketing course. the class going to over at today(24th july) to obtain a certificate. otherwise you can learn anytime at

provide visual oriented content on web pages. like video or infographics

search manually bro, else go and buy on fiverr or other niche keyword selling persons.

First choose your social media
then choose website
then create ad

for example:-
if you want to place post ad
choose fb post ad campaign
choose filters which age, gender, country you want to focus.

i think, this was happened a month ago. google going to release pigeon upgate on next month

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you should explain or ask briefly.

its worth to google it, instead of starting the online thread.