did you follow google guidelines for your website. recheck the following guidelines

Using Keyword as a ANCHOR TEXT on Inbound Links will added a value for the webpage.

Do not Overuse your keyword.

yep, still there is a huge value for info graphics submission

if the back links were generated artificially, how can we call that whitehat seo?

China has treatment camps for Internet addicts


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If you are talking about User Id on Google analytics. apart from that No Idea.


but i have shared how to monitor user flow of your website on Google Analytics Audience section.

Audience ----> User Flow.

there you can find how many of them were visited the web pages.

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Optimizing keyword is nothing but choosing the relevant keyword for your content.

More over using LSI or Semantic keywords for your content and webpages.

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@Warrens80 that was great.

another fact about google.

Google intends to scan all known existing 129 million unique books before 2020.

Last week there is a Massive earthquake at Nepal, death toll going to cross 10K.

Duck or Rabbit



Build a High Quality Back link.
Before that post a Unique Content for Your Webpage.
Optimize that content for Visitors.
Share Your Website on Social Media.
Reduce Bounce Rate on your webpage.

it will help you rank on Searchg Engine. Analyse Your Competitor and Beat them by your SEO Strategy

if you would like to target on particular country, then use Country Based Geo Tag too. we can rank globally if we have country based TLD too. Like @almostbob said content is king. Google Shows SERP for the Content of the webpages which is related to the Keyword or Search Phrase

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Wow, It's a little surpising to see the fanfare for google analytics. Google is harmful to your business because of how your data is used. Plain and simple: If you are trying to build a business or have a vision to accomplish something with your website, then Google is a big mistake. The problems with how your data is used are too big to ignore. Do you want advertisers to take away all your customers just because they have a million dollars in funding and you don't? Because using google analytics you are telling those advertisers: "Here are my customers, please take them away from me, I don't care about my business that much."

Such a shame that mis-infomration is so common on this topic. Anyway, hope you have learned something :)

are you series about your reply Mr.remytargus, suggest some other analytics which is free or some how affordable one