@gentlemedia i had that margin thing because of the jqurey navigation that's why. Thank you for that!

@gentlemedia ah...now i get it, thank you so much!

@JorgeM See when i move up the normalize.css, i browsed it in chrome and the navigation font size became very big. If i use css reset then i could just remove normalize.css is that right? Thank you for the explanation on normalize.css!

@gentlemedia you see when i remove the height, image happens. The content is somewhat cut below by footer

@JorgeM omg thank you so much it worked!! By the way, did you see the "Work" page, the navigations, font size is bigger than the other two pages? I removed normalize.css and it became fine(like the other two pages). Do i necessary need to attach the normalize.css ?

@JorgeM "Remove the { overflow: hidden } style from your element." Sorry i didn't get this part, not css?

@gentlemedia #content div if i change it to auto will it be alright?

@gentlemedia Is it..? My chrome can't scroll now i'm not sure why?


This is the website. When i'm on the "Work", the page doesn't scrolls down, it only works when i click on to another tab and come back to this. Also, if you realise the navigation for this page compared to "Contact" and "Home" page is bigger. Could it be a bug?