Great points Jordan. Its definitely some of the areas which one should concentrate in 2015.

Creating an infographic and submitting to infographic submission sites will help you to gain some good backlink. And also try Guestographic as explained in backlinko dot com

You should not at any cost copy your blog content and use it for article because it will be considered as duplicate content by Google and moreover if someone after reading your article visit your blog and finds the same content then it will not be appropriate. So avoid doing it.

wordpress and Blogger are the most commonly used and user- friendly CMS platforms.

I will go with seoaceindia. Started to make 40 unique posts. Update you soon about the adsense approval.

Posting regularly with hash tags and mentions will help to make much followers.

This was so helpful in increasing my Facebook likes.

Well said seoaceindia. By adding the bad link in robots.txt alone is enough to remove the links.

Wndows 7 is better as it is so user friendly. Only the well handled persons can use the upgraded versions of Windows.

How to make a blog accept for Google Adsense within a month?

Add some quality image and make it more appealing.

Link-assistant is a good software to check ranking.

Facebook and Twitter are the best ones to go.

Guest Blogging as well as Infgraphics are two effective methods for building backlinks.

If you are optimizing for a low competition keyword, then it is possible but for a competitive keyword its not possible. You must do the hard work patiently.

It enables us to get instant backlinks as well helps our new pages to get indexed faster by the search engines.