I have wordpress template in which url is generating in for of xyz.com/?pickup_location=662#038;pickup_date=2018%2F08%2F08&return_date=2018%2F08%2F10

now I want to get pickup_date but I could not I also tried $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] but it's giving link till pickup_location

There is javascrit functio is calling on button click and this form get created by Iframe i just want to set link to be open in new tab or window

            return false;

            this is redirection link but opening is same page I want this to be open in new window or tab 

            remeber this line is inside iframe block

Tried that but no luck

I am using two database one is default which I would like to set db name as per session value, second database I am using to login and registration and set session once user logged in.

Can anyone have solution to manage this database name after login of user based on session value..

I am using codeigniter framework

When i go to integrate PayPal module in titanium alloy and classical as well it gives me login failed error.

I need that real transaction PayPal not sand box.

If some has any solution please let me update

i am using :

PayPal module version 2.2.3

Titanium SDk version 3.5.1