You can try to clear your browser history. Open FireFox and then click "Settings" > "History" > "Clear browsing data". quit the browser and sign in it again. At this moment, your email links may become normal.

Yes. You can search AirMore on Google. It's completely free and allows you to manage your iPhone wirelessly.

You can design one yourself. lol

There are so many ways to set ringtones for iPhone. I use a free and handy tool to make any mp3 as my 6plus's ringtone.

You can sync your photos to iCloud. Then sign in the same account on PC.

It really works. Thank you!

I can make ringtones myself on my Nokia 520~

These games are certainlly not good for kids' health. If they play too many this kind of games, they would use language and behaveior of games in reality. For example, they "kill" lots of people in games and they will tend to kill people in the real society. Because, they will consider that killing is legal.

In case you lose your important data, I suggest that you make backups in 3 ways:iTunes, icloud and the third party app.