So my question is mentioned above. I would love to enjoy a larger screen while playing mobile games or making video calls, anyone can help? All I have now are PC and iPhone. Thanks in advance.

I recently consider to update my Win7 to Win10 then. In fact, I have heard what you recommend. It is an app for recording games played on PC. Anyway, I will try it on later and tell you how it works! Thank you!

Well, thank you for your suggestion! But it seems a bit abstract for me to use the tool of webpage you have recommended! All codes illustrated are quite complicated. I am afraid are there any simple solutions ?

Now that Java cannot be compatible with browsers like Google and FireFox, so many tools working fine before now cannot be launched normally. I used to take Screenr to record my fancy videos and share with friends. And before long it has announced that Screenr will retire and will be no more available then. To find a feasible online tool is quite difficult, so can you guys give some suggestions? Any good recorders used are highly recommended! Thanks in advance! (ps: better with editing tools and both system sound and microphone needed)

Maybe most people always ignore that thing but just want to update their Java quickly, who knows?

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Thanks for all your suggestion! I will have a try on these recommended tools and convert my records to MP4 or MOV. It is a good community, thanks again!

Hi all! I have recently attended to my sister's wedding and helped her record some happy interesting videos with my panasonic camcorder, and she wants me to send those movies to her so that she can keep it in her iPhone. I found files are all ended with .ts. In fact, I don't know much about formats. After searching the Google,I just know that Ts files cannot be supported by iPhone,so should I do a conversion for this? And what should I convert them to? Could anyone give some suggestion? Thanks in advance!

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