i was wondering how quickly games are changing, 8 years ago people think they may not need such storage but now manufacturers like Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung has introduce 10TB drive. In 8 long years, need of storage has increased by 10 times if am not wrong. there is lot more to see in coming years.

can you describe more about the device, brand model or specific errors ?

it could be FW problem as well

rightly said.
though best practice is to perform sector-to-sector image of fail hard drive onto a new drive and than backup your data. OS or software are mostly meant to be working on healthy hard drive so cloning gives you maximum you can read from a bad sector or fail hard drive.

it is worth to get a s.m.a.r.t report of the disk to find out exactly if it is failing or there are some filesystem errors.

r-studio is best available tool, but in order to successfully retreive data from hard disk, you need more than just a software, there are some basic steps you must follow.

  1. Never install/copy any data on the drive you want to recover.

so did you get the data back finaly ?

does your computer recognize the hard disk in bios correctly ?
if yes, than follow RikTelner, good piece of advice.

the syptoms your described in original post is something called "Head Stiction" normally due to shock or drop.
i would suggest if you have important data on drive, contact a DR company, at this stage should not be a expensive recovery.

there are also DIY you can found on internet, but chances of success is not promising and did't worth to try if there is important data inside.

your data your choice.

princiaplly there are three types of data destruction:

  1. Software
    there are certain NSA recommended software available which charge per erasure.

  2. Degausser
    degausser are the devices used to change the magnetic filed on the disk.

  3. Dispose Media
    many people prefer to destroy the media physically to ensure no more data recovery :)