I have a search button that displays results into a gridview from the database.
In my database I have a "Link" colum that has different links to other pages in my project.
For example onetime.aspx, template.aspx etc.

What I want to do is:
When the user searches and the results come up, I want the "Link" colum to become an
actul link that takes the user to that different aspx page.

How do I achieve this? At the moment it is directing me to one page and it is because
I have set it like this..
Here is my code:

Thank you @Hericles!!!

Picture problem:-
I have an html image that has been uploaded into "fileupload".
Now, I want to show this exact image on another page when the user presses 'submit'.
Note: the fileupload has the image path.
Any help?

The problem:

I am want to create static websites for dynamic restaurants.
A restaurant enters their details and from this, I want to create a web page for each restaurant with their own unique details on thi html page.
So when I run them, in them will be their name, logo, opening times etc...
This will be all by the click of a button.