BitTorrent is a content distribution protocol that
enables efficient software distribution and peer-to-peer
sharing of very large files, such as entire movies and
TV shows, by enabling users to serve as network redistribution points.


A/-Installing BitTorrent:=

1: Visit the BitTorrent website.
2: Download and install the client.
3: Ensure that file associations are correct
4: Allow BitTorrent in the firewall.
5: Set your preferences

B/- Downloading Torrent Files"=

1: Find a torrent tracker website.
2: Search for your desired file.
3: Download a torrent with plenty of seeders
4: Find a balance between size and quality.
5: Download a magnet link if available
6: Open the torrent file with BitTorrent.
7: Download a good movie player.

C/- Seeding a Torrent File:=

1: Seed after you finish downloading.
2: Maintain a good ratio.
3: Leave your torrent client running in the background.
4: Set up a ratio limit.

D/- Opening the Files Downloaded by Bittorrent:=

1: Many of the files you download will be in a compressed
form or a format that will not readily permit playing or
2: Create a new directory and move the downloaded file into it.
3: Scan the directory with your virus scanner.
4: Play or open the file.

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