Thank you Milil for your explanations.

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Hi everyone,

I'm curious, and I would like to know how much may it cost to build a software more or less similar to the one used for Badoo or social networks? How much approximate time may it take to build?

Thank you all rubberman and rproffitt for your contributions. Unfortunately, I contacted ZaReason, but they said they do not ship to my locality. Any suggestions are welcome.

Where Can I get such laptops for a more cheaper price, @rproffitt?

Thank you rubberman for your reply. Have you ever bought a laptop from them or are you working with the company?

I know there are a lot of people who are highly experienced in every discipline of IT industry in this forum.

I want to buy a laptop, which will mostly be used for programming and computing. So, I would need one with speed, enough memory and high quality graphic specs for high profile graphing!

What are the most important things to consider, I've just tried to guess! I am not sure as to which specs are desirable.

In addition, I do not need it to be installed with any os, I will install my prefered one Ubuntu- Linux, I hope this can also save some dollars.

Where do I get one without os, brand new? Which is the cheap but currently best/recommended brand?