If you're just looking for ideas I've gone one at least one: a program to import (scrape I guess?) web sites like the steam store and amazon to collect meta data for different games (include a way to specify sites to get data from). Something like having an input box to enter a game or importing a one-per-line text file list (or CSV, whatever) and the program collects all the data from whatever sites it can find it on along along with screenshots and ratings.
Something like an generic game object and off of that genre, release date, rating, value (from price charts or etc), platform, system requirements etc. You could implement inheritance for creating different sorts of game objects and DLC as the child object. Then also a convenient export feature to JSON/XML/CSV.
Doesn't have to be Windows games of course. You could use movies, music, or whatever else. I just happen to be experiencing some frustrations related to certain game database software and lack of Windows game meta data I've been thinking about it a lot.
I don't know if this is what you had in mind. I am really a noob to programming so I'm sorry if this didn't help.

Guess this is an old question but I'll post anyway.
I haven't actually read this book but it sounded really compelling. And since you mentioned programming the "game development" section here ya go: