I have been using Avast, best anti virus tool.

Domain age is an insignificant factor that really carries very little weight in the Google algorithm.

Check whether you can add open-cart realted content to your website, and use off page SEO techniques for advertising.

I am having my twitter account, and tweeting on daily basis. But not able to generate traffic from tweets...

How twitter posts can be useful for business? Can anyone elaborate more on it??

PPC would give you quick results. But you need to consider both platform for your website.

There is nothing like best social media channel for marketing. Whichever channel gives you more benefits, is best for your business. However, you can start with facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin.

There are two ways that can be useful,
1.Join groups and share the updates with them.
2.Increase your web network.

If you want instant results, PPC is good to use.

Thanks for sharing those directories. Those would definitely be useful to every web user.

Social bookmarking or other SEO activities are must for every Websites. You need to follow some high-quality bookmarkings and use for ur business.

If your marketing strategies are good enough, your traffic will go up, click-through rate will br high and conversion rate will go up. If your strategies are well defined, your rankings will improve also.

Have you change content of a single page or whole website content? Make sure, you don't have changed website URL.

Have you hear about website builder? It is best option for web users.

There are some of the SEO techniques, which can really boost your page rank. You firstly need to understood what all activities are involved in it.