When posting code, I get error

begin a line with 4 spaces in a row (or one tab), preceded by a blank line. 4+ spaces or tabs may not be used anywhere else.

And who is the youngest member here ?

I have changed my email from Hotmail to gmail, but still not receive any email .

Uuh, why refuse ?

Or I'm the only one who face this ?

Recently I realized that I not receive any email notification from DaniWeb. When I check on the User Settings, I saw this alert message

We have been having problems emailing you. Has your email address changed? Please update your email address to begin receiving email from us again.

After I re-write my email, this message changed to

An email to verify your account has been sent to xxx@hotmail.com. Please click the link in the email to confirm your email address.

But when I check my mail, I don't receive any email from DaniWeb.

thanks for the fix :)

Yes, page 1 (Business Networking ) is fine.

Here the url after button continue to step2 of 2 clicked.

Really?!?! That's what happens when you click on page 2?


remember to click Continue to Step 2 at the bottom of the form.

Your user profile does not have sufficient privileges.

There are Complementary Goals in profile page. Where can I find the list of goals and what does this used for ?

Welcome home :D

Hi @Akshay_15,

Why not post your question as a new topic instead of commenting on an old post here ?

What have you tried so far ?

the bug still there

When I leave a comment (vote with comment ) under someone post , it will increase 2 points for vote up and 0 point for vote down. After I leave the comment and click the vote up button, the user earn 2 points. But after I vote down again, the comment get removed but the user still earning 2 points. The two points should be deducted too, no ?


Please post the code you have tried

What link was broken?

The post from OP


Link was broken

Perhaps it is ISO 8583 message?

Worked! Thanks

It collapses now :)

No, it still there after user reply.

Hope the traffic will increase after this !

Yes, it can :)

I thought it will automatic minimize once we posted a reply instead of manual to minimize it.

But it is covering up the post....

It suppose to go down after we post a reply, no ?

After I reply a topic, the Reply to this Topic not going down.

To clarify ... you click the thumbs up link in the bottom left corner of a post and a whole new page loads??

No. There are no problem in the thumbs up and down link. The error is the comment in the bottom right corner.


First of all, I would like to say that the interface is nice, amazing, and user friendly!!
Thanks Dani and those who work hard on this !!!

But one thing I would like to comment is about the vote and comment. It seems like only users with high reputation allow to use this feature because I get this message when I click the vote up button

You do not have the permissions required to access this page.
Would you like to go back?

Since this feature is not available to all users, why not just make it visible for those users only ?

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