I need this question to be answered by dani or happygeek, please i need help in this issue too.

You can start with Joomla.com, Wix.com, there free plans are good for newbies, Or try revglue.com, wordpress.com, sites.google.com for more dynamic cms features.

Did you hear about ‘Linkless’ mentions, It will change the ranking factors!!

Sorry <3

The admin degrading my profile by using SPAM word against me!!

Out of world scene :O

Please kick me out of this group! I dont want to see things like this! and also you can delete this post too, So no one can know what you did :D

happygeek commented: Let's leave it, so people can see how mature you are... +0

You used spam word for me! and I hate it!!

happygeek commented: Then try not spamming. Just a thought... +0

tell me why we are here? what is the purpose of your pinky forum?

Do i look like a fool to you Mr. HappyGeek, Did you actually read what i posted? duh!! Totally unethical behaviuor!!! Please do not join this group, they dont tolerate real people!!!

happygeek commented: Yes, I read your advert for an online coupon business. Do you throw your toys out of the pram often? +0

without any organic social reach you can get nothing, no one wants to buy a thing in popup ads anymore!!

Hey, I'm Tyler from Buffalo City, NY. I'm a pharmacist and affiliate marketing enthusiast. I have a huge passion for food, hate to stay in comfort zone.