I need this question to be answered by dani or happygeek, please i need help in this issue too.

The admin degrading my profile by using SPAM word against me!!

Please kick me out of this group! I dont want to see things like this! and also you can delete this post too, So no one can know what you did :D

happygeek commented: Let's leave it, so people can see how mature you are... +0

You used spam word for me! and I hate it!!

happygeek commented: Then try not spamming. Just a thought... +0

Do i look like a fool to you Mr. HappyGeek, Did you actually read what i posted? duh!! Totally unethical behaviuor!!! Please do not join this group, they dont tolerate real people!!!

happygeek commented: Yes, I read your advert for an online coupon business. Do you throw your toys out of the pram often? +0