Sounds like a mess! So you booted off another hard disk and/or computer using target disk mode. Did you try using it for awhile like this or immediately attempt to copy/upgrade to OS. I am under the impression you cannot simply copy/paste the OS in the Finder because this does not copy some of the underlying unix files that are required. I would think that if the eMac would run fine for a somewhat extended period of time via target disk mode it would imply that the logic board is ok. When you are in target disk mode and you open Apple's Disk Utility does the S.M.A.R.T. status of the eMac's hard disk look good?

All this being said, I purchased an iMac G5 about a year ago that had some frustrating issues similar to what you are describing and the more I try to use common sense to narrow down the problem the more things became confusing. In this case it was the logic board, and once it was swapped out things returned to normal. I could not reliably boot off another computer in target disk mode, so that is the reason for my line of thinking.

[QUOTE=Big Max;11081]Figured it out,

Carbon Copy Cloner from 5 bucks. All I gotta do is format the drive to HFS Extended, use Carbon Copy Cloner to transfer the files, make the drive bootable, switch boot drive to the new drive, reboot, and everything works.[/QUOTE]

I second this. Carbon Copy Cloner has been out for years, is simple to use, and works flawlessly. It has been a savior for me multiple times. Unless it has changed it is donationware and well worth it.

[QUOTE=janetr12;265179]Thanks, the same DVDs worked before, I suspect I need a new optical drive,


I found DaniWeb as I was looking for a solution to this same problem. In my case I was still under warranty (barely) and had the optical drive replaced... problem solved. Even if you can still read and write to CD-Rs and CD-RWs, not being able to write to DVD-Rs is a sign that the optical drive is failing. Replace it.

[QUOTE=bobthecar;265813]try kill disk pro, not to recover but to total wipe, this program will also fix bad sectors good luck[/QUOTE]

I could not find Kill Disk Pro for the Mac. Do you have a link for it?


Couldn't you use the sudo command in the terminal from another user account to be able to see what is in your administrator account? From there the standard deleting or moving the files to the trash or a new folder on the desktop would be possible. You wouldn't need to create a new administrator account this way.

Joeprogrammer's suggestion of checking your Login Items is a good one. Unless you put all 200 psd files on the desktop at one time without any restarts/boot ups inbetween how are you sure that the psd files are actually causing the problem.

Another possible solution would be to boot up from a backup, external hard disk, Install DVD, etc. None of these should display all of the junk associated with your current account's desktop so no spinning beachball. You could then just go in, select the problem files on the user's account, and move/delete them at will.


Have you tried using Target Disk Mode to simply run the eMac off another computer's hard disk for awhile? It sounds like you have tried all of the obvious (and then some!) things to fix the problem, so it is down to a process of elimination to see what it is. You know that the RAM you have installed now is good, so the current RAM is not the problem. You would eliminate any hard disk concerns by using Target Disk Mode on another drive.

[QUOTE=joeprogrammer;262126]Yes, that proves it's a hardware problem and not drivers messed up.[/QUOTE]

The local Apple reseller seems to agree and a new SuperDrive has been ordered. I tested this one with CD-RWs and it burns fine, so I don't know why DVD-Rs won't work. I guess this is one sign of a failing drive though.

Thanks for everyone's help on this one, I appreciate it.


Would the SuperDrive break down in such a way that it has no problem reading CDs or DVDs but cannot recognize blank DVDs?

I just tried doing an Archive and Install to return the computer to factory default and had no changes.


I have a 2.1 GHz G5 iMac running 10.4.8 with everything up to date. The Superdrive worked flawlessly for 8 or 9 months, and then proceeded to gradually lose its ability to recognize blank DVD-R's that I insert. At first the brand I was using failed (Verbatim) but Fuji discs still worked fine. Now Fuji discs no longer work. Has anyone experienced this and figured out a fix?

The blank disc is inserted, begins to spin up, makes a few read sounds, and then is ejected. This is true using the Finder, iDVD, Toast, and Popcorn.


P.S. I am a newbie, having stumbled upon DaniWeb while searching for a solution to this issue. Thanks for what appears to be a great forum.