The computer's death is generally the following three cases:
There is no response to the failure of the main board. Most of the main board after the power supply, even if there is no boot, the main board on the indicator light will rise, if not bright, first check whether it is a power connection or the problem of power itself. In particular, the motherboard 24Pin interface and CPU power supply line interface must be firmly inserted.
The main board lights but can not start. One of the situation is the main board light, indicating that the power has output, but still can not start, this need to check more things, but first did not enter the main board to start self inspection, it is possible to open the key and the BIOS problem.
Check the memory before the start and the beep. Normal boot players will hear a "drop", but if the sound of a buzzing or always "dropping..." is usually caused by a bad contact between the memory bar and the main board memory slot. As long as you rub it back and forth with the gold finger part, you can solve the problem. Of course, the memory slot on the motherboard is broken, which is also possible.