The best types of backlinks are from High DA websites that link to your website in a natural way (etc relevant keyword and topic).

It depends on the type of SEO. Creating quality content that drives more organic traffic is ethical, as you're earning the traffic by displaying that you're an expert in your field. Black hat SEO is less ethical and includes tactics such as keyword stuffing.

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Guest posting can be a great option --- just make sure that you're contacting high quality, trustworthy websites with good DAs. You'll want to contact the editor and ask for their pricing rates and guidelines if they're not posted on the site already. Make sure you use relevant anchor texts and target URLs in the guest post.

It really depends on the quality of the backlinks that you're getting. If a majority of backlinks are coming from low DA websites with high spam scores, they may potentially have a negative effect. Focus on getting backlinks with websites that have a 20+ DA, low spam score, and that are trustworthy sources.

I agree with what other users said, in regards to the fact that SEO will never end. I believe that SEO is long-term and will continue to change and evolve.

This is very helpful and something that every internet marketer should be aware of when developing and implementing strategies.

Thank you for sharing!