Are you sure that you need developers? You could try to create it on your own with some boostrap builder like Wordpress, Shopify or Mobirise.
Which option, do you need precisely? I developed my own small site, where I'm sending a hand made soap with Mobirise's theme.

What precisely do you want to do with your future site?

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Recently I started to use Mobirise webdesign software. It's awesome. I guess that you would suit the themes below. Also you would find the shopping option in Mobirise M3 free theme. There would be a shop block. You can use it for free. But in any case you would need shopping card if you don't have another way of payment.

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Today I've found this theme:
I do really like the demo and blocks but it's too expensive for me. Could you please recommend something like that but cheaper. Thanks in advance.