I would suggest following:

  1. Write great contents: The best way to boost your ecommerce is to write quality contents. Iteresting, iformative rich and problem solving contents turn your readers into your loyal customers . Inturn they share your contents to other social media platform. Increase the traffic, generate leads and hence boost your sales. Before you spend your alot of effort on adopting other things, first start working and focusing on your contents.
  2. Easy and simple check out process: Complex and log checkout process frustrate your potiential. Try to build a checkout process like amazon, One page check out process. It will facilitate your customers and result in reduction in abandoned check out process.
  3. Use rich snippets
  4. Unique title tags.
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Use contents. Write and create great contents. If your readers get influenced by what you write, i mean if your content solve their ambiguities. It will automatically turn them to your loyal customers. Then they will share your content to the other social media platform also. It will boost your webiste leads in days.

I always say one thing, writing contents is an art, that can be learned. I would say there are techiques to be used while writing contents:

  1. Put yourself on a reader place, what if there is a complex content whoses understanding is diffcult, someone narrates you in a granny style. So use the same techique. Tell a story. People love to read stories and comprehend quickly.
  2. To keep the interest of your readers in your content, try to insert a joke.
  3. The best technique is to create a problem solving content, it just not provide your readers with the necessary information but also guide them to solve their issues.
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Content writing is an art that can be learned if you are willing to invest your few true efforts . Few things if you kept in mind while start writing will truly help you out:

  1. Adopt narrative writing style. People by nature love to read stories. So when you help your readers understand the complex feature or meaning of your content in a simple granny style story telling. Your readers will love to read your contents.
  2. Use good vocubolry and i dont mean difficult one.
  3. While writing, dont boost your product or service. Give your readers something informative to read.
  4. Your goal is to write a content that provide solution to your readers query.

It depends, I mean if you want only local traffic then better to focus on local SEO. Language matter as long as trends are in local. However no worries if spam for Backlinks from English blog

Use content marketing, it is the king when comes to marketing promotions. It only requires little effort and you can share content with your audience. You just need to write contents that are information rich, easily understandable vocubolary and readers problem solving content. Then watch how you will drive traffic to your website. If you will be succesful in gaining trust of your readers through your content, they will automatically share your content to other social media platform result in enhancing your effective promotions.

I would suggest Google analytics beacuse of its structured approach which lacks predefined reports and structure. Native reporting, easy and simple implementation is google analytics bog advantage.

All i know is be orginal and be creative in producing your content. Orginal content that is rich in information, interesting and influence your customers to interact with you, purchase from you and maintain it relationship is the best way for advertising your ecommerce site.
The second technique i would like to recommed is Email-marketing as it is the most effective way to reach out your customers and that also helps in building trust of customers.

Prestashop is truly a free ecommerce website builder and is a strong option if your budget is too low. Too easy to use as much as you can expect from a free ecommerce platform. It provides you with number of features competing with woocommerce and shopify.

I would suggest;
Relevant backlink. For example, if your store is selling kids clothing, it would be appreciated to place back links on websites, blogs, and message boards that regard to children. This is because search engine robots weigh highe to the relevant backlinks.

i hope this post helps you out.
Try using one of these platform:

  1. Wix Stores
  2. SiteBuilder
  3. BigCommerce
  4. Shopify
  5. Volusion
  6. Squarespace
    But i strongly recommed Volusion, as it is highly affordable with all bells and whistles that come along with it slow price.

SEO plays significant role in digital marketing as it helps:

  1. Help your customers to find out your website among thousand others.
  2. Provide you with a free advertising opprotunity.
  3. Drive customers to your business through a web portal.

A huge YES.
Backlinks bring you the link juice,attached with it is fame that helps you rank better on SERP.
Your increased connections on google improves the domain authority of your page and results in higher traffic to your website.
It's as simple as this :The more known you are in a market place, more cutomers are expected to visit your store, beacuse they know that you are one of the top solutions to their needs.
To be this top solution ,you need to be at one of the top google pages.And we all have experienced this, that no one clicks google's page no:2 or so on.
We type our query on google and select "mostly" one of the top results and trust the content and products on that page as if google is recommending us.There are few other things that are important for a good ranking andto be google's favorite but link building is top amongst them .It should not be ignored at any cost.
All you need to focus upon is how to do link building in the right way,in the right direction and then you are ready to fly

No,you cannot rank.Not at all, if you are not so popular.And if you are popular even then to maintain this position you need to continue this link building ,you can lower your speed in the latter case.Link building for google ranking cannot be ignored at all.Site optimization doesnot matters in this case beacause without inbound links it is never going to be found in the search engine results pages. Link building brings you massive link juice with massive fame.
I found a very interesting ,to the point quote today.It says:
Building Links is Like Shaving - If You Don't do it Every Day You Look Like a Bum

Seo link building when done in the right way, in the right direction then "languages doesnot matter at all".
By right way I mean ,following proper link building starategy and tactics.
By right direction I mean you should focus on your targetted location and select the language and build links accordingly.

If, your product is to be used in different localities, then try to select a general language like "english" that is used and understood by all,but always focus on the areas providing you with major amount of your customers and do plan your links in their respective language.You can seek help from a local person of the other language so that keywords of that language can be planned and link building can be executed more smoothly and successfully

Digital Marketing is extremely important in today's world for your business to be wellknown.For the purpose your product's marketing strategy has to incorporate with digital marketing right from the begining.
The vital elements in digital marketing have always been your
1) Target Audience.
2) Experience.
3) Budget.
4) Time.
You can use following digital marketing strategies keeping in consideration the 4 most important marketing factors mentioned above:
• SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
• SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
• Social Media Marketing
• Marketing Automation
• CRM Solutions