The use of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing is:

1- It helps in creating and generating content that will be useful to attract visitors to your website.
2- Artificial Intelligence not only create content but also helps in curating content.
3- Helps in Email Marketing campaign
4- Helps to find more ways of advertising on different Social Media platforms.

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Search Engine Optimization is very important in Digital Marketing. It helps you to boost the traffic of your website and also makes your website rank higher in all the search engine platform. Search Engine Optimization is that platform who takes your website to a new height. On-Page and Off-Page SEO is very useful technique in SEO.

Social Media is a great platform to engage with your potential readers. You can drive traffic through social media by posting your content on a daily basis atleast 3-4 content per day. Provide useful information to all your readers so that they will come and read your content. It's the best way to drive traffic to your site.